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Shirt Top Outfit

Shirt Top Outfit

Western Shirts for Show

Author: Susan Dowling


There is so much work that goes into being successful in a show arena. You put in hours upon hours of practice. You spend countless hours grooming your horse, with a few thrown in for yourself for good measure. Yet, still, in the back of your mind you know you need an outfit that will be comfortable, functional, and eye catching. There can be a considerable amount of time invested in getting just the right look for that moment when all that hard work gets shown off. Western shirts worn for show need to be more than just a simple choice off the rack.

The possibility of looking like every other person in the arena is not at all appealing. When it is possible to have an outfit custom made it can be very rewarding. The opportunity to have a western shirt made just for you is within just about anyone’s grasp. There are many stores and web sites that cater to just such a need.

When choosing a custom shirt design, be creative. There are so many ways in which to show off your personality. It may be easier to get what you have in mind then you may realize. Seeing an idea become a reality can be a thrill in itself! Western shirt makers are capable of making a surprising number of custom changes in a basic design.

Black is not a requirement. It is an inevitable truth that there will be several people who are covered from head to toe in black. No matter how detailed the outfit may be it may blend into a crowd if it is one of many black ensembles. Many riders have found that a jewel tone can be just as flattering and much more eye catching.

Details are vital. There are so many ways to make you stand out. Shirts can be added to with stunning embroidery in intricate designs. Rhinestones and other light catching pieces can also do their part in catching the eye of the judges. Spend time looking at what others are wearing. Also, give yourself a chance to surf around on the internet and see what others are doing. When you do so you will be able to form an idea about what you like and dislike in western shirts. Obviously, western shirts made for shows are in a class all by themselves. Still, there are ideas to be had when you look at all kinds of styles.

Confidence in the arena can be yours in just the right outfit. Once you have put in all the hours needed to be successful at your event you deserve to look at good as you can and to know it! Everyone feels more confident when they know they are looking their best. Western shirts put on for that special moment can be a real boost. Unleash your creativity and get yourself something that is just for you. Go for good looks and remember to keep it comfortable!


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I am an unabashed devotee of western wear, as any who see from day to day will undoubtedly know! Visit my site at http://www.westernshirts.com

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Shirt Top Outfit

Shirt Top Outfit

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