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Shirt Size Large

Shirt Size Large


Author: Muritala Adisa

Selecting the proper fit, size and style in a dress shirt is an important part of maintaining a professional image and looking good on the job.

Along with he suit and the tie, the dress shirt is the man article of clothing that creates the proper look for a businessman. Dress shirts vary by style, size, fit and features.



Under almost all circumstances, a dress shirt for business that is worn with a tie should have long sleeves. In some offices, or outdoor work sites, shirt sleeves may be appropriate. Look at the example set by your supervisor and respected colleagues. If these people wear short sleeves, then it may be okay in that situation.

          Collars come in different styles, usually a normal pointed collar and a spread collar. Spread collars are newer and show a contemporary fashion. The spread accents the tie, and therefore, looks better with a wider tie.

          Some shirts have different color collars than the shirt, which appears bolder.

          Long sleeves are closed by straight cuffs with buttons, and French cuffs hat require cufflinks. French cuffs have or add more flair to the look, but may be too fashionable for a more conservative setting.



          Dress shirts are generally sized in two areas, neck size and sleeve length. Neck sizes impact the overall shirt size, so a larger neck size will be wider in the shoulder and body. For those with a trimmer body, designer’s mared for a tighter fit.

          Neck sizes 141/2 to 18 are easily found, larger sizes are available in big and tall shops, sleeve length vary from 30 to 37. Many manufacturers combine two lengths into a range, such as 30-33. Difficult to find sizes may require that shirts be custom made.

          Make sure the neck size is large enough so that you can comfortably button the top button if a tie is worn. Sleeves should be long enough to cover the wrist when the arm is extended.



          A fairly recent innovation is shirts that promise to be wrinkle resistant, no-iron or even wrinkle-free. These shirts can be machine washed and will shed most wrinkles in the dyer and remain looking good if hung up immediately.

          After a few washings, these shirts will still bunch up on the collar and near the buttons, and will need pressing to look perfect.

          Wrinkle free shirts look almost as good as laundered shirts in the morning, and wrinkle less as the day goes along.

          A well-made and fitted dress shirt should retain the proper look for a few dozen-machine washings. Rotating a new shirt in each morning or month will provide the businessman with a great wardrobe, and allow for gradual change in sizes and style.










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Shirt Size Large

Shirt Size Large

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