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Season Windbreaker Pants

Season Windbreaker Pants

Galapagos Islands Climate Update: the Dry Season in July !

Author: Eric Castro

Galapagos Islands Climate Update: the dry season in July !

So far, this Dry Season holds normal conditions. July is an unlikely tropical month, and the overall weather pattern has not many analogies to other tropical destinations.

Those who expect the Galapagos islands to be extremely warm, humid, green, with just breeze, and twelve hours of full sun a day, will really find surprising that the Galapagos islands offers a much drier and windy environment than expected. This is why it is so important to remember that Galapagos is not a 100% tropical destination year-round (except for its geographical location). Until early December, the Galapagos islands overall weather pattern will show overcast skies that will gradually turn into full sunny days.

Some locations may even show the famous “garua” (very fine drizzle) that will surely label the Galapagos as an unusual location, and inland areas will evidence drought-like conditions. Air temperatures range 27?C (83?F), while that of the water will remain steady at 21?C (74?F). Wildlife wise, is overwhelming as the sea-dependant species are near peak in their mating season. For those guests coming from northern latitudes (where July is peak summer: overwhelming heat & humidity, plenty of sunshine, and crowds everywhere) Galapagos?can be a place full of surprises.

It is quite important (all the way through December) to come fully prepared for this wonderful adventure, again full of intriguing surprises. Besides the essential “packing list” for Galapagos, there are items not be missed: windbreaker or park, sweatshirt (or long sleeve t-shirts), a 1/8” we suit for snorkeling, and convertible pants (those that you quickly unzip and turn into shorts). These items will allow our guests to appreciate more the local conditions of the Galapagos, and definitely enjoy your holiday even more so. Relative humidity of the islands holds only between 50%60%, making our walk-time temperatures quite comfortable. As usual, remember that the sun falls perpendicularly right at the Equator, and sun block is a must (SPF 30 or higher is what we recommend).

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About the Author:

Eric Castro, chief editor of Posicionarte in Quito, Ecuador.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Galapagos Islands Climate Update: the Dry Season in July !

Season Windbreaker Pants

Season Windbreaker Pants