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How to Look Chic and Cool On Campus: Five Tips On Buying a School Bag

Author: Bridget Connors

Many bags nowadays have the triple F factor–fun, fashion, and function. With the wide range of available choices, you can walk around school in comfort and style. To help you achieve that, here are several tips you’ll find handy:

1) Go for established choices.

When you’re shopping for a school bag, look for backpacks, messenger bags, boat totes, duffel bags, laptop-style carriers, and ruby Tuesday bags. These types are popular choices among students for very good reasons–they are often spacious enough to accommodate a lot of stuff and also often made of materials that can withstand being stretched to the limit. If you always lug around a ton of readings and notes, such a feature in a bag is a welcome respite from sore arms.

2) Consider the weight of your everyday load.

Think about the weight you’ll be carrying on a daily basis. This will help you determine the size of the bag that’s just perfect for your needs. A big bag with hardly anything inside looks limp; on the other hand, a small one bursting at the seams looks bulky. If you get the right size, the bag retains its shape even with all of your necessary school things in it.

3) Look at your current wardrobe.

The bag you choose should go along with most of the clothes in your closet. If your style is feminine and flirty (think blouses and skirts), a utilitarian messenger bag is not going to sit right on you. You’re better off with a boat tote. The same goes with the reverse. If your look is sporty with your cargo pants and t-shirts, a backpack is a better choice than a dainty ruby Tuesday bag.

4) Pick quality over quantity.

Your school bag is meant to carry a considerable weight. You can’t afford to buy just any cheap bag unless you want to run the risk of it falling apart when you least expect it. This means you have to buy something expensive or you have to patiently look for a good bargain. Whatever your budget is, you have a much better option than settling for a low-quality bag.

5) Opt for a safe color.

If your budget permits you to buy just one high-quality bag, buy it in solid black, navy blue, brown, gray, or white. These colors go well with other hues so you don’t have to worry about looking mismatched. If that sounds too boring for you, you can always jazz up your bag with scarves, brooches, and other accessories.

You don’t have to look like you’re walking down a Parisian catwalk when you’re in school, but you don’t have to be careless about your appearance either. It’s not just about looking great for vanity’s sake. It’s also about making good impressions on your teachers and fellow students. After all, it never hurts to get straight As in your subjects…and in fashion, too.

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School Bag
School Bag
School Bag

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