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Satchel Purse Handbag

Satchel Purse Handbag

Handbag Styles Fit to Women’s Lifestyle

Author: Lhancel Kurt

Handbags have become one of the most well-known women’s accessories available on the market. These are not just considered as functional items that help them carry their necessary belongings but also one of their significant preferences in succeeding the best fashion style they most desire. Today, handbags come out with several varieties of styles and designs to choose from. These different types of handbags are intended for various functions and purposes which enable them to match and fit to their different daily lifestyle. For this reason, most of them own a minimum of three unique styles of handbags that are best appropriate for different occasions because they believe that each outfit requires for a distinct style of handbag.

Here is the list of the most common handbag styles helping women easily choose what handbag style that best match for a certain occasion:

1. Tote

This is often called a carry bag. It is used to hold their personal belongings that are too large for a purse. It is very popular because they are casual and practical to use at the same time. Most women use it for their daily hang outs because they always feel comfortable when they carry this type of handbag.

2. Clutch

It is a handbag which is specifically designed to be carried in the hand because it has no handles. It is a perfect lady-like small bag where women’s essentials such as make up and other cosmetic products can be placed to make them stay fresh and look beautiful all day long. Most women use this style of handbag whenever they have to go to an evening gathering and other formal occasions.

3. Satchel

A handbag that has one, sometimes two, large straps that goes over one shoulder and across the body. This type of handbag is best appropriate in most women who are working in an office. They have to use this handbag because they need to carry their important files whenever they have a meeting or if they need to bring their paper works in their home. It is also often used by most students to help them carry their books and other school stuffs. Using satchel does not only help women to hold their bulky files and things in a more convenient way but also enhance their fashion outlook.

4. Duffel

This handbag is probably the best choice for travel. It has big capacity and extra compartments that enable women to accommodate several things necessary for their trips. This style of handbag is flexible to use because of its additional accessories such as wheel, trolley, and removable straps which provide them the convenience in handling their heavy loads.

5. Hobo

It is a style of handbag that is typically large and defined by a crescent shape designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo handbag has a feminine and stylish design which makes woman’s outfit looks more attractive and eye-catching. This handbag is often used by most working women who don’t have to bring more necessary belongings.

There’s no doubt, that choosing only one handbag style is really hard for most women since every outfit calls for different handbag style. They really require to have multiple handbags in order for them to pick out the best style of handbag that perfectly meets their needs, as well as complements their outfits at the same time. Knowing how to choose a right handbag for a specific occasion is the best way for them to enhance their outfit to a more stylish and elegant-looking and to stand out among other women.

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Satchel Purse Handbag
Satchel Purse Handbag
Satchel Purse Handbag

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