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Running Yoga Top

Running Yoga Top
top of foot and ankle hurt after running?

hi, I am 18 years old. i have a problem sprinting around the block (555 m perimeter – measured with google earth lol)

So, around 4-5 times a week i sprint around the aforementioned block once or twice in order to help my sinus problems. I go full speed. I do not get tired at all. However, around mid way, my ankles and feet begin to pain, especially the left one. By the time i reach the end of the lap, I cannot move my foot up (i can stand on my toes-still very painful-but I can’t point my left foot upwards). So basically, I can barely walk after this – as my right foot hurts and my left foot severely hurts. I used to be flat footed, but got rid of it through yoga exercises my grandma taught me. However, my arches are still low and i consider them weak (hard for me to stand on one foot sometimes even). I was thinking that the Achilles tendon in my left foot especially may be short? Or maybe my gait is wrong? Another thing is that when i wake up in the morning, my ankles and feet are very stiff. One last thing, when i compare the arches on my feet, the right one is higher than the left one. Is that bad?

By the way, this pain doesnt really happen after say I play an hour of basketball then go sprinting. But it does also happen when i jog at a medium pace for half a mile and up.

What can be the problem and is there any way to fix this?

thank you very much for any help
I can provide other details that may help too.

Your shoes might not be supportive enough. You could try superfeet insoles. Or you could see a doctor/sports medicine person.

Running Yoga Top

Running Yoga Top

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