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Running Top Shirt

Running Top Shirt

Run a T-shirt Business on a Shoestring Budget

Author: T-Shirt Magazine

Low on cash? Learn how to do everything from producing to promoting your clothing line with little or no money.

Sell online. It’s easier to reach a world wide audience and there are plenty of free advertising methods. Online is becoming a standard for businesses.

Go with a fulfillment service. They’ll handle all the small things like packaging, shipping and keeping track of orders. You can start a shop with no money and still make a profit.

Do your own designs. You can’t afford to pay designers yet so just learn how to use design programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. Or you can stick to slogan tees.

Practice SEO techniques. Free advertising at it’s best. Learn to master the search engines. Pick keywords that aren’t overly searched and try to appear on the first page for those keywords.

Do something newsworthy. You main advertising methods are gonna consist of doing things that’ll get others to write about your business.

Use social bookmarking sites. Bookmark every page of your shop on sites like StumbleUpon. The more your site is bookmarked the more likely it is to get visited by random targeted people.

Be in the school newspaper. You might become a local celebrity and everyone from your school will be asking about your line.

Get friends to model your shirts. Models are too expensive, but you still need them for your website to get that professional look. Just get some friends to model for you for free.

Wear your shirts and get your friends to wear them. You and your friends can be your best promotion tool. Always wear one of your shirts, especially to a big event. Wear the most catchy one to get people asking about it.

Start a blog. Talk about things your target audience would be interested in and feature your latest t-shirts every week. Get a fan base and it’ll be easy to convert those visitors into customers.

Tell fellow bloggers to blog about your line. If you know anyone who owns a blog get them to write a post about your clothing line. If they have a fan base alot of those people will be sure to check out your line.

Participate in forums and have a link to your website in your signature. Your signature is an ad space so you should make sure theres an ad for your line in it. Post hundreds of times and you have hundreds of ads on the web for free.

Promote on myspace and facebook. Create a myspace or facebook page for your line and add friends and send comments. Get a free friend adder program for myspace and add 50 new friends a day.

Make videos for youtube. Create mini commercials for your line that’ll spread virally. Make them funny or controversial to get alot of views. Post them on your blog, myspace and facebook too.


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Running Top Shirt

Running Top Shirt

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