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Social Skills and Social Events – Teaching Hatha Yoga

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if you are teaching Yoga sessions on a regular basis, or plan to, social skills are an absolute must. Running a Yoga studio, and teaching classes, has much in common with being a coordinator of social gatherings or an activities director.

Recently, this was the topic of discussion between a colleague and I, who said she was too busy to be a “social butterfly.” She felt that teaching Yoga lessons is enough and her students should be grateful for the experience.

While I can appreciate her honest opinion, and I know she is a competent Yoga teacher, there is a void, within her studio, of a social atmosphere. She has a receptionist, faculty, and staff members, who could fill in the public relations gaps at her studio.

When I suggested the idea, she felt it was unprofessional to turn a studio or ashram into a social center. She said, “I want real Yoga students who are completely committed to practice and I don’t want a meeting place for fly-by-night introductions.”

However, with the recent summer slow down and the “new economy,” she called me to ask for a few ideas for social gatherings. We talk for almost an hour, but I can give you a summary of ideas that can bring new students into your Yoga studio.

In the fall, we have our annual St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraiser. It is a combination of an open house, Yoga marathon, and a fund raiser. What does St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital do? St. Jude’s is the second largest health care research charity in the United States. Their mission is to cure cancer in children and they also research other catastrophic diseases.

Now, you might say, “I would rather have a fund raiser for my own studio than a charity. My studio needs students. How will this help me?” You are right – this will not help you get new students in the short-term. What it will do is raise the awareness level in your community about what you do and what you are about.

You might get some new Yoga students over the long-term, as a result of your charitable efforts. Karma is such a powerful law that only good things can come from your selfless service; and parents should not have to suffer the loss of a child.

If you are considering a grand opening, open house, partner Yoga night, charitable event, or a combination of these ideas, to get some public exposure, it is a win-win event. Your community, your favorite charity, and your studio will all benefit from your efforts.

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Running Shorts Yoga

Running Shorts Yoga

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