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Running Short Bra

Running Short Bra

Tips for Running

Author: Laura Davis


What to wear when running; wear something comfortable and stretchy to run in, men should consider wearing lycra or spandex short underneath their running short to prevent any chaffing. When buying footwear get your feet assessed at a running shop to find the most suitable running shoes, you should spend money on a good quality pair of trainers, a cheap ill-fitting pair will result in your feet getting damaged and thus impeding your running performance, you should always wear socks when running, however do not wear cotton socks these will rub, buy specially designed socks from a running store. Women should also invest in a good fitting sport bra. One last thing not to forget, Vaseline, use it on any spots which you may think will rub, in particular your feet and nipples.

With regards to training, try and find a running partner that you can train with, search out any local running clubs or any smaller runs being held. Competing in smaller events can help you build up for the larger competitions. Many people enjoy running whilst listening to music on a personal device, however it is worth trying to run without it so you can hear you pace, which in itself can be quite soothing. It can be tempting if you are training for a big competition to train every day, however this may be putting great strain on your body, try to space your runs out or at least alternate between intense runs with a light one. Varying your routes can help you prevent getting bored.

Try to increase your intake of carbohydrates and decrease the amount of spicy food you eat; and if you are eating afterwards wait until at least an hour afterwards. Before, during and after your run drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.

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Running Short Bra

Running Short Bra

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