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Run Gym Bra

Avoid “Boob” Bounce In The Gym

Author: Caroline Husbands

Still meaning to join the gym or start your New Year’s exercise regime but somehow just keep finding reasons why you can’t start today?    What you need is motivation and realistic targets and one of the best ways to kick-start your new fitness routine is to invest in some new, colourful and stylish sportswear.

Whatever sport you decide to take-up, one of the first and most important considerations is your sports bra.  ‘Boob-bounce’ can cause irrepairable damage to a woman’s cleavage so a comfortable and well-fitting bra offering maximum impact support is crucial.  There are several specialist sports bra companies offering a range of colours, styles and support.  There will be one to suit you and your level of exercise.

What clothing to wear in the gym can be a real dilemma.  Many people faced with this decision, make the mistake of wearing baggy t-shirts to cover up lumps and bumps and then wonder why they feel awful when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the gym mirrors.  Wearing well-fitted clothes in uplifting and fresh colours will be the kick-start you need to begin to feel better about yourself and motivate you to start exercising.

Energising shades of red or pink, green or yellow can be great visual motivators.  Try to avoid just wearing black.  Choose neutral colours that suit you for example black, charcoal or brown.  These can then be matched with more vibrant tops or t-shirts that suit your natural colouring – just make sure they are in your correct colour palette range.

Finding styles that don’t highlight ‘problem’ areas and that actually complement your body shape is not difficult.   To draw focus away from your thighs and bottom, wear darker colours on your bottom half and keep the lighter and brighter colours for your top.  If you dislike your upper arms, wear a fitted t-shirt rather than a baggy one.

In making sure you are dressed in colours and styles that suit you, you will immediately give yourself a boost of confidence and hit that treadmill even harder!

As with bras, what you wear on your feet is extremely important.  Obtaining professional advice from a specialist sports or leisure shop is advisable since wearing inadequate and badly fitting trainers and shoes can seriously damage your feet and joints.

If you still haven’t discovered the best colours and styles for you to wear then a visit to a colour consultant or style consultant may help.  It is worth spending time considering which sportswear to buy to obtain a flattering fit and to ensure the right support.  After all, anything that keeps you motivated and positive will pay dividends in the long run.

About the Author:

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s leading image consultancy. Services include colour analysis, Style advice and make-up lessons.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Avoid “Boob” Bounce In The Gym

Run Gym Bra

Run Gym Bra