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Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue

The beautiful Italian Riviera

Author: Jakob Jelling

The term Italian Riviera usually refers to the Italian coastline
area near the border with France, in Liguria. This coastline is
extremely beautiful due to the amazing combination of clear blue
waters, soft sands, perfect weather, and a great amount of
entertainments available at the area.

The Italian Riviera offers amazing beaches in which visitors can
enjoy a relaxing sunbath as well as swim in crystalline waters.
These area’s beaches are a perfect place for those who love
beaches to visit at almost any time of the year, since the
climate and its temperatures are very homogeneous most of the

One of the main areas of he Italian Riviera is the Riviera Dei
Fiori. The Riviera Dei Fiori or Riviera of Flowers goes from
Cervo to Ventimiglia in the west, and is the spot of the Italian
Riviera which is closest to France. This area offers several
hotels, resorts and entertainment areas for tourists to choose
as well as typical Italian Riviera’s beautiful beaches.

Another very visited Italian Riviera’s spot is the area known as
Riviera Delle Palme. Riviera Delle Palme is the Italian Riviera
area located at the central section of the Ligurian coastline.
This area has a historic beach resort called Alassio among many
other great spots, such as Finale Liguria, and amazing beaches.
Visitors who go to Riviera Delle Palme could also choose among
many options related to their entertainment such as casinos,
discos, bars, and spectacle centers among others.

There are several ways in which to access the area of the
Italian Riviera. One of the easiest ways to access it is by
train since there is a major train line which goes all the way
through the coastline. This railway line allows tourists to
travel from Naples, Florence, Milan, Rome, Genoa or other cities
to the Italian Riviera’s coastline, as well as allows them to
enjoy its beauty from the point it begins to where it ends.
Besides this, visitors who go to the Italian Riviera can also
travel to France and arrive to cities such as Monaco or Cannes
within the same railway line

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Riviera Blue
Riviera Blue
Riviera Blue

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