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Rib Racerback Tank

Rib Racerback Tank
What would go best with a black tank top?

This is it:

In black.

I have dirty blonde/honey blonde hair.

I can have capri, short (bermuda), knee-length short, pants in light blue, dark blue, and a capri in brown.
They’re all denim except the brown one.

How should I wear my hair? It’s naturally wavy, and down half-way to my back. I can straighten it or curl it. Should I wear it in a bun?

Where I’m going is casual, just a bunch of friends, and I’m a tom-boy, so it’s a big deal I’m wearing something tight.

Makeup must be very small, barely noticeable.

Thanks a lot, just do as much as you can.

I like the tank top.
If it’s in black i’d say lots of clothing items will go well with it. Black goes with anything. A white meduim legnth ruffle skirt will go good with it. Denim capris or cargo capris will go good. Some white or black sneakers will go good if you choose to wear capris or jeans. Even black flip flops will look cute with it. Leave your hair done…whatever you feel comfortable in or a nice pony tail or messy bun will go great. For the make up, keep it simple. Remember, you want your make up to look natural.

Rib Racerback Tank

Rib Racerback Tank

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