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Racerback Tank Womens

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Choosing the right support for all shapes, sizes and types of

Many of us don’t realize the importance having a good support
system until it’s too late: The sports bra.

With a lifetime in the fitness industry, numerous industry
colleagues and students in the past years have approached me
with burns, marks and cuts from straps, the type of material or
mere design of the bras they work out in. The common question I
am approached with, “What kind of sports bra do you wear?”

The following is a checklist to aid in choosing an athletic
support top that will allow people to run, jump, cycle, lift,
step, jab, kick and more without the usual and sometimes
embarrassing unnecessary comforts one gets from the wrong sports


Straps should be snug but not restrictive with sufficient
padding. Larger breasted women usually prefer racerbacks or
T-backs because they offer more support. Adjustable straps are a
growing trend. They allow you to adapt the support of the bra to
suit different activities from lifting weights in a gym, running
outside or Turbo Jam™ at home.


Encapsulation bras have molded cups or built-in liners.
Compression bras press the breasts against the body. While A-
and B-cup athletes can wear both kinds, larger-breasted women
typically prefer encapsulation styles.


Look for moisture-wicking fabrics. These are typically a blend
of cotton and synthetic fibers–cotton for softness and
synthetic for dryness. Many athletic designers and brands have
developed lines of ‘friction-free’ bras with special fabrics
sewn into areas prone to chafing like around the nipples, over
closures and around straps systems such as “CoolMax” linings
that whisk moisture away from the skin.


Armholes should allow for a full range of movement in all
directions without pinching underneath. There should also be no
“spillage” out of the armholes.


This refers to the front of the bra, how high it rises from the
bust to the neck. Generally, as a woman’s bust size goes up, so
should the gore. The key is to have full support and to prevent
portions of the breast from “spilling” over.


All seams, hooks, clasps and underwires should be covered with a
soft, moisture-wicking fabric. To avoid severe chaffing,
endurance athletes should look for bras that are seamless. These
are mostly made with a circular knit, eliminating most of the
panel seams.

Now that you know what to look for… trying them on is the next
step. It’s time to go shopping and you’ll find most tops are not
to heavy on the pocket book, ranging around $40 dollars.
Additionally, the following links are helpful “support groups.”






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Racerback Tank Womens

Racerback Tank Womens

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