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Prada Stripes Hobo, a Stunner to Spice Up Your Outfit

Author: Anna Millman

Each season, big fashion companies grandly unveil their newest and most upcoming trendy line to cater for their hungry customers. No exception with Prada. Whenever comes to the topic which is the hottest and most stylish handbag, we will always find Prada handbags are on the top of the list. Many people are attracted to these small pieces of beauty just because of superior quality, elegant and chic design, and great functionality. Prada is highly renowned for its acute sense of good fashion; always being bold and edgy in creativity and innovation. The newly released Prada Stripes Hobo represents a youthful and modern image of Prada-the fashion goddess.

Prada Stripes Hobo is the smash hit of Prada’s collection for Spring-Summer 2008. Thanks to the perfect hue, cute design, good versatility, it becomes so captivating and sought-after that will continue to be popular through this autumn and definitely won’t lose its blazing charm season after season, year after year.

This is an exquisite bag with a very smart-tailored shape, and vertical patchwork very well proportioned and beautifully colored. It is made of butter-soft lambskin which is supper yet durable. The top quality leather is fit for any decent dress. Each stitching properly blends differently colored stripes, and the way it follows the curves and contours is amazingly perfect.

The most eye-capturing one is the violet stripes hobo, although it comes in various lovable colors. The shades of the stripes match gloriously beautiful, “from lilac to lavender to violet to plum to aubergine”. It makes you feel like that you cannot help losing yourself in a splendid and heartquaking gloaming. You get a glamorous look and also pep by sporting this violet bag. There are many other splashing colors such as turquoise-violet, fuchsia-violet, yellow-black and rainbow color to switch for different outfits and occasions. All colors are sheer and go well with your complexion, eyes and hair.

The shoulder strap is wide and soft to fit your shoulder firmly and makes you comfortable. Both the top handle and shoulder strap are detachable, so you can carry it in the way you like. The bag has a deep structure with leather patch pocket inside, so you don’t have to sacrifice room for style. All you necessities can be well kept inside of this fabulous pretty bag.

Prada Stripes Hobo is surely an ideal accessory to compliment your favorite outfit. It evokes elegance, efficiency, luxury and edgy fashion, and makes you stylish and prominent among the crowd. The Prada online store and other reputable site like www.eurohandbag.com are handy to meet the needs of their customers, and provide them with superb products and impeccable service. This is one of the most tempted bags that every woman wants one badly.

About the Author:

Anna Millman is a designer handbags collector with special interests in birkin bag, Gucci handbags, Prada bags etc.She loves handbags and writes a great many online articles for information relating to designer handbags.

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Purse Hobo
Purse Hobo
Purse Hobo

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