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Care for Your Designer Purse

Author: Dave Simpson

Lets face it girls, designer handbags from the likes of Chanel or Prada don’t come cheap. Thats why you should take some steps in the art of designer purse care to protect your sizeable investment.

First of all watch what you put in it. The worst thing, apart from losing it of course, is to have your nail varnish or powder compact destroy the inside, or even stain through to the outside!

My wife, who knows about these things, swears by placing all of the messy little things like lipsticks, nail polish and mascara into a zip-click polythene bag before putting them into her Chanel designer purse. You may not see Victoria Beckham doing this but my wife can’t afford to replace her new Chanel purse every time she goes out, and this method hasn’t failed her yet. Of course if you dont have a cheap husband or boyfriend like me you can always get him to buy you one of the many cute holders that are available, some with mirrors or ones that match your bag.} Either way, if a meltdown happens your new designer purse will not be ruined.

My wife once had an accident with a bottle of red nail varnish – in a cream purse. The resulting mess completely ruined it, and of course, all of the contents. A cheap holder could have saved the entire value of the purse.

Pens are a nemesis to designer purse liners, and have a knack of burrowing into the deepest corners of your purse where they slowly seep their contents out through the lining You can guarantee that you wont want to take your new Chanel bag out if it looks like its just suffered a drastic bout of the measles. A simple designer purse care tip is to keep your pens separate in a side pocket or their own clutch bag, or better still , leave them at home and use a PDA instead.

One thing you can guarantee is that your designer purse (it is a genuine purse I assume) will be made of the finest quality materials. This can be both good and bad. Quality materials need quality care, dont just use a tin of Pledge and an old rag! The top quality fabrics and leathers in these purses need the proper care regime. Always check the care instructions and labels before applying any cleaning liquids or even using cloths, especially for exterior stains. You may need a specialist to clean that tomato stain from your Louis Vuitton bag. The good news is that high quality materials will generally stand more cleaning and be more resistant to stains as they will usually have been treated in some way.

So there you have it, a few simple designer purse care tips that should ensure a long and happy relationship with your pride and joy.

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Purse Cute
Purse Cute
Purse Cute

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