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Power Tennis Skirt

Power Tennis Skirt

Improve Your Court Performance

Author: Reena Ghosh

Are you trim and fit enough to wear your trendy new clothes and work out this summer? Well, even if you’re not really happy about the way you look and feel, Marena Everyday has something to make a positive difference to your appearance and performance. Alternatively, if you have a sleek beautifully toned body, which you just can’t wait to show off, let Marena Everyday add power to your routine whilst accentuating those curves.

Developed and manufactured by Marena Group, world leader in post – operative compression wear, Everyday exercise garments are proven to boost stamina and performance by as much as 30% in the case of women.

Marena Everyday Active Wear was developed subsequent to Dr. William Kraemer’s study published in 1996. In his research conducted over several years at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Kraemer studied the experiences of thousands of athletes including Olympic participants and found that shorts which contained roughly twice as much Lycra® as the standard variety enabled the wearer to benefit significantly in terms of energy and performance. Men reported an approximately 12% increase in power.

Marena Everyday exercise wear contains 49% Lycrasoft® (spandex) and 51% Tactel® (nylon). A higher percentage of Lycra® provides effective compression, thereby reducing muscle vibration and exhaustion. When muscles vibrate less, they don’t tire easily. So the wearer has the energy to work out longer and better.

All you active exercise and sports enthusiasts can now look forward to added power and performance over extended periods. What’s more, these garments are proven to help you drop as much as one dress size so you end up looking slim and fit. You’ll find that your favorite skirts and shorts, which revealed a few embarrassing bulges here and there earlier fit much better when worn over Everyday mini shorts. You can wear these wonder shorts underneath tennis skirts and jogging shorts. Available in black, beige and white they are great wardrobe co ordinates. Exercise shorts come in 4 different lengths.

The sleek leggings and capris whilst making you look significantly svelte and shapely are wonderful energy boosters as well. These are opaque and trendy enough to be worn alone. You can wear them to the gym and to your regular haunts as well. These stylish and super comfortable leggings and capris have become wardrobe must – haves for numerous women. Teamed with your old over sized sweater, dress or other favorites, they enhance your unique style. 

Whether you plan to work out at your local gym or jog or cycle along rough country trails, these incredibly tough exercise bottoms will support you all the way. More comfortable than other brands on the market, Marena Everyday exercise shorts, capris and leggings are ideal for extended wear.

Marena Group has brought its expertise with post surgical compression garments to the development of truly superior shape wear for non medical use. Fifteen years of research and development have gone into making Marena Everyday garments the most effective and comfortable on the market today. Marena’s emphasis on scientific development and customer satisfaction results in continuous product innovation and improvement. ComfortWeave, Marena’s patent pending F5 certified compression fabric, was engineered using F5 science, a cutting edge textile technology. This fabric incorporates distinctive F5 quality imperatives, which make it the most comfortable, effective and durable compression material available today.

Numerous wearers have found that Marena Everyday shape wear provides excellent support. This is due to ComfortWeave’s unique three dimensional stretch properties. This fabric has the capability to stretch in three directions enabling it to support the wearer at every move. F5 certified fabrics alone are capable of high stretch and high compression simultaneously; standard power net fabrics provide either high compression or high stretch but not both at the same time. A high degree of elasticity makes ComfortWeave more comfortable than other compression material. Unlike other brands, Marena Everyday garments have the capacity to yield a little whilst providing superior compression. This ensures that the garment does not constrict your body and make you feel stiff in the process. So you can wear your Everyday shorts, leggings and capris for hours together without feeling sore.

Did you know that ComfortWeave is one of the softest compression fabrics on the market today? A specially devised blend of Tactel® and Lycrasoft®, which are certified to be the softest fibers, make this fabric so soft that it feels like silk next to your skin. Marena Everyday garments wrap the body like a second skin; you’ll find yourself forgetting that you have one on.

All Everyday garments come with inbuilt Coolmax® moisture management properties. ComfortWeave has a high degree of permeability, which enables air to circulate freely next to your skin thereby facilitating balanced temperature maintenance. The fabric is engineered to wick perspiration away from the skin to the outer surface of the garment and into the surrounding air. This means you can wear your shorts and leggings in peak summer without feeling warm and sticky. Everyday garments are designed to keep you dry, cool and fresh over the duration of wear. 

ComfortWeave is the only compression material that comes with permanent inbuilt anti bacterial technology. Effective anti microbial properties continually combat the development of bacteria, mold and mildew over the functional life of the fabric. You can wear your Everyday exercise gear for hours in the heat without having to worry about embarrassing body odor. The fabric’s advanced anti bacterial system enables you to remain clean and fresh.

Everyday exercise wear are also more durable than other shape wear. This is due to the fabric’s innovative interlocking design. Premium yarns mesh together in the weave giving the fabric the strength to withstand extreme and prolonged pressure. Your Marena Everyday garment is designed to last and last. Laboratory tests have shown that ComfortWeave is capable of retaining elasticity and shape after as many as 30 rigorous washes and 60, 000 flexes.

Pick up a pair of Everyday shorts, capris or leggings and you’ll emerge a winner this season both on and off the court.

About the Author:

Reena Ghosh, March 2009


Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Improve Your Court Performance

Power Tennis Skirt

Power Tennis Skirt