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Polo Golf Shirt

Polo Golf Shirt

Finding A Pro Golf Shirt

Author: Dane Stanton

There are many different kinds of golf shirts available to buy and it can become overwhelming trying to choose the right one for you. This article will discuss everything there is to know about golf shirts, including some of the best places to buy them and other golfing apparel from.

So what is classified as a golf shirt these days? Well as we all know, golf is a very traditional sport and there are many different rules that players must follow when it comes to rules on the golf course. One of these rules that finds itself all across the world of golf, it that all players playing golf on a private golf course, must wear a collared shirt. So there’s the first thing you need to know about golf shirts. You have to now make sure that the one you buy has a collar on it.

One of the most popular collared shirts that many players where, are polo shirts. The first brand that comes to most peoples minds when they’re talking about polo shirts is Ralph Lauren. Yes we all know how expensive these shirts can be, however they are easily one of the best quality polo’s on the market today. If you don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a golf shirt, because you aren’t all that serious about your golf, then the are of course a lot of other less expensive brands that sell collared shirts for golf, including Nike, Adidas and many other sporting brands. Basically any golf brand that you can think of usually sells golf shirts and some of them are very affordable.

Do I have to wear a collared shirt in order to play golf? The answer to that question is no, with shades of grey. Most public courses allow people to play golf without a collared shirt, however not all of them. What you might have already noticed is that many public courses are starting to become less and less strict about the type of apparel people are allowed to wear on their course.

Almost every private course that I can think of however requires all players to wear collared shirts when playing on their course. You will find that most private courses are very strict about this as they want to make sure their course follows all the guidelines set by the PGA. This gives their course a sense of professionalism.

Now if you think that later on down the track you might want to join a private course, because you just can’t get enough of this great sport, then go out and buy yourself a few collared golf shirts for your wardrobe. Inevitably it’s going to make you feel like more of a pro and maybe your game might start improving as a result of this!

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Polo Golf Shirt

Polo Golf Shirt

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