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Perfect Fit Dry

Perfect Fit Dry

The Secrets To Perfectly Fitting And Comfortable Contact Lenses

Author: Jack Bradley

If you are planning on getting contact lenses, you will need to have a special contact lens eye exam by your optometrist. This exam will include a special examination of your eyes, getting a contact fitting, and also getting the prescription for your contacts. A contact lens eye exam is going to take a bit longer than a regular eye exam, so if you plan on getting contacts you will want to let your optometrist know at the time you schedule your exam.

The first part of your eye exam is going to include your eyes being examined to check on the overall health of your eyes. More than likely your optometrist will also ask you the reason that you want to get contacts and if you have any eye problems that you are aware of. Much of your examination is going to be based on information that you provide your eye doctor.

There will also be a variety of tests that you will undergo during your eye exam. These tests will let your eye doctor know more about the vision and health of your eyes. After the exam is complete and your doctor has the needed information, then he or she will provide you with the needed prescription for your contacts. If you do not have a prescription, more than likely you will not be able to find a place that will sell you your contacts.

Your eyes will need to be fitted for contact lenses and this will include measuring the curvature of your eye as well as other aspects of your eyes that will affect the fit of the lenses. If you tend to have dry eyes, then you may need a contact prescription that will not increase the dry eye problem. Your cornea will also have to be checked as well because you cannot wear contact lenses if you have a problem with your cornea that may cause a problem with the contacts.

As a general rule, your eye doctor will provide you with trial contacts to start out with. This will help you check them to see how they fit and feel, although you may have to try a few different pairs before you find the best fit for your eyes. The best pair will help provide you with excellent vision, they will fit comfortably, and they will not damage your cornea.

The contact lenses should always be checked before you wear them to make sure they are not scratched, torn, or otherwise damaged. Your eye doctor will show you how you should check out your contacts before you place them in your eyes. Wearing damaged contact lenses can actually damage your eyes, so this is a very important step. After you have worn your test pair of contacts, your eye doctor will check out your eyes to make sure that the contacts are working well with your eyes and meeting your vision needs.

When you are having your fitting exam, the optometrist will also let you know which contact brands are best for you and which ones you should avoid. You will also be trying out several types of contact solution as well to see which ones will work the best with your eyes. Once you have your contacts and they fit and feel perfect, you will also need to go to several follow up appointments as well. These appointments are made in order to make sure that your contacts are working well for you and that your eyes are adjusting to them. Be sure that you always attend these appointments to make sure that your eyes are healthy and your contacts are working as they should.

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Perfect Fit Dry

Perfect Fit Dry