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Old Navy Clothing at Discount

Author: brenda moore

If you are like me then you are an avid shopper. I frequent stores like Banana Republic, Gap, Sears, and others every other weekend. The girls and I need a getaway, and it’s our tradition.

But what we’ve recently discovered are the gems to be found at Old Navy. Old Navy has t-shirts, shirts, jeans, cargos, socks, underwear, and more for men and skirts, flip flops, cute tops, and stylish accessories for women. The prices are right too. Old Navy has quality that near of Gap or Express but prices twice as low.

For great deals, Old Navy’s website at oldnavy.com has an email subscription program that informs you of the next sales, upcoming discounts, and when the next free shipping deal will be live. Without the deals you can still shop online and save yourself the trip to the store and pay only $5 using their “famous $5 shipping.”

But if clothing goes on sale be sure to buy it soon, clothing does not seem to stay on the Old Navy shelves for very long. According to a recent Forbes magazine, the Old Navy chain of stores is growing so if the store is not already in an area near you it soon will be.

What a lot of people don’t know about Old Navy is that you in addition to subscribing to the Old Navy mailing list in order to get Old Navy discounts you can also buy Old Navy gift cards online at stores like eBay for fraction of the cost and then use that gift card in store and save yourself some money. For example, I recently bought an $100 gift card for $70 online and then combining my Old Navy coupons I bought $100 worth of clothes for a mere $50. And mind you, the quality of the clothes is superb and at 1/3 the cost that I would have paid at Gap, you can’t go wrong.

Browse the Internet much? There are also websites that give away Old Navy gift cards for free. These websites may require you to complete a free offer, but no meal is ever free. My daughter has recently completed on such offer and got a sweater out of it.

So before you shop next buy, be sure to drop by an Old Navy store first.

About the Author:

Brenda has a coupon website with shopping details on free old navy gift cards. Check out her free Sears giftcards page as well for discounts and gift cards to Sears.

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Old Navy
Old Navy
Old Navy

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