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Nwt Coach Handbag

Nwt Coach Handbag
Do you know if this Coach handbag is original?

I saw a big Coach handbag with the tattersall pattern and the pattern had the coach horse not the name coach in it like almost every bag I usually see. It look like this:


But with the horse instead of coach written on the bag and also a different leather trim that kind of looks like this:


What I need to know is, with this descrption, have you seen this bag or this model cause I really need to know if it is original. I looked for the bag in the coach official site but couldn´t find it perhaps it´s an old model.

Thank you so much.

Hello. I’m not sure what you are wanting to know. The first picture is a stock photo. I don’t think they are actually selling that bag on that site. It’s a fancy blogpost.

The second eBay auction picture is an authentic bag. The seller is definately reputable, selling all authentic items. I would buy from that seller in a heartbeat.
Hope that helps! http://www.LoveMeLoveMypurse.com

Nwt Coach Handbag
Nwt Coach Handbag
Nwt Coach Handbag

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