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Nike Rise Perfect

Nike Rise Perfect

Nike Air Force One ’09 Selections

Author: Gen Wright

The youngsters of today possess of wide variety of interests. Traditionally, many young people tend to stick with just one sport or hobby. Today, you find youngsters involved in many different activities – street ball, basketball, hip hop dancing, etc.

When there is such a wide range of interests, a problem arises. It becomes difficult for the young to find suitable clothing and shoes. For example, if you wear basketball shoes to meet your friends, you can only play basketball. You can’t really wear the shoes to play street soccer or any other games. You can if you really want to, but you risk injuring your feet.

Understanding the lifestyles of the young today, Nike has come up with a series of shoes that can be worn anywhere, any time. The labels for these shoes are known as Air Force 1, Air Force One, Air Force Shoes, Nike Air Force 1, or Nike Air Force One. These labels all refer to the same series of shoes.

The 2009 Air Force one selections come in a wide variety of colors. Since the series is targeted at the young, the shoes are meant for three types of occasions – (1) for school, (2) for sports, (3) for casual outings. These are the activities that keep the young occupied most of the time.

The designs are pretty straight forward. You will see the giant and prominent Nike logo at the sides of the shoes. The logo rests on top of one color (usually white), or a combination of two to three colors. Popular colors include grey, black, orange, yellow red, beige, and lime (a very refreshing color).

At first glance, one may mistake the Nike Air Force 1 as an ordinary canvas shoe. But unlike conventional canvas shoes, Air Force One can be worn for street sports. Therefore, the soles are much thicker (for impact absorption), and the in soles are well lined with comfortable cushioning.

With built in comfort, you can wear a pair of Nike Air Force One for the entire day without feeling tired. Perhaps that is why this series is rising in popularity among the young very quickly.

If you are looking for a pair of school shoes, a pair of white colored Air Force 1 will be ideal. But if you are thinking of playing a wide variety of sports, try on a pair of mid cut Air Force 1. A pair of mid cut shoes help to protect the ankles, and they are perfect for sports that require jumping.

If you are not the active type, you can still invest in a pair of Air Force 1. After school, you may want to go on some casual outings with your friends. Since Air Force 1 shoes look like outing shoes, that saves you the trouble of having to change into another pair of shoes.

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Nike Rise Perfect

Nike Rise Perfect

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