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Night Market Blue

Night Market Blue

William Blue Presents Abunza!! the First Bi-lingual Program of Its Kind on the Internet

Author: William Blue

Abunza is the first bilingual marketing program of its kind on the Internet. Its is being rolled out by William Blue & Team Abunza to help eliminated the Headache of building a Home Base Business.

Cold Calling is one of the major reasons most Home Based Business entrepreneurs run for cover. With Abunza cold calling is a thing of the past. “Did you know that over 90% of entrepreneurs fail in their 1str year in running a home based business,” said William, and from a sales point of view the feedback I have received from my team members deals with the challenge of working the phone effectively. With Abunza that is no longer a challenge, the program has a built in Professional Call Center. The Abunza Dream Team is an awesome bunch of fun, positive sales professionals, and as a member, they are on the phone working for YOU!

William Blue has joined Rich Ramalho & Team Abunza, which is made up of some the top and most successful Internet marketer today. PS Millionaire Mentor Patrick Sheffler as well as the Brothers Chuong Pierre & Joel. They are all top earners in other programs like, EDC Gold, Roadmap To Riches, Perfect Wealth Formula, Wealth Magnet, and Wealthy Marketer to name a few. William markets an automated program that is geared around using technology to handle the prospecting and the Abunza Dream Team to close the sales.” If you can drive prospects to your website the system will close sales for you 24/7, and we teach you how to drive traffic”. said the Marketing Master Rich Ramalho.

The Abunza owners Michael Spire & Sebastian Saldarriaga had a vision with this program, to combined the latest in marketing technology with the 9 billion dollar Self Improvement Industry. Abunza offers a compensation plan that pays 100% commission.

William Blue found himself with sleepless nights and stress filled day, the same as many people these days. With more month then money and an Industrey that was on a steep decline William an Engineer for more then 12 years had to look for other options.” I have always felt things happen for a reason and finding Rich Ramalho & Team Abunza was a Blessing”. Said William. With the training that Team Abunza is giving we are seeing folks from all walks of life making money almost immediately and changing their lives forever.

You can Joined us every Wednesday @ 9pm EST for the Official Top Abunza Team call

712-421-6046 PIN 1970#

William Blue can be reached directly in his Maricopa Office to answer all questions @ 480-319-3765 or via his website: http://www.theabunza.com

About the Author:

William Blue home business entrepreneur. His goal is to partner with a group of like minded individuals who have the desire to Change their lives and create unlimited wealth running their own online business. Visit his website by clicking here now: ==>

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Night Market Blue

Night Market Blue

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