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ECCO Shoes: Which Style is Right for You?

Author: Suzanne Bradley

It appears that the manufacturer of ECCO shoes have crafted their line of footwear with the family in mind. Their product line is as versatile as the temperaments and hobbies of each member of the family. ECCO shoes not only cater to the discriminating athlete, but also to the elegant office worker or the child in constant motion. It has more shoe styles than there are personality types. This versatility is not only reflected in the various styles for men, women and children, but also in the models, colors, sizes and purpose of each shoe. Whether it’s for a safari adventure, office wear, rugged outdoor activity, or simply for lounging around, ECCO shoes have the right style for you.

ECCO Shoes: Huge Variety

shoes have roughly about 1,500 different styles for men, women, and children. So when it comes to choices, you have a dizzying array of shoes to choose from. ECCO shoes knows that all feet were not created the equal.

ECCO shoe styles come in three different types: boots, shoes and sandals. For men and women, shoe styles are categorized into “business”, “outdoor”, “casual”, “active motion” and “golf.” If a man was looking for a pair of ECCO shoes to wear to the office, he would have about 71 styles to choose from. A few examples of these styles are:

• Montreux – this is a moccasin shoe made of very soft and flexible deerskin. This shoe was designed to absorb moisture thanks to its breathable leather lining. It has the built-in ECCO Comfort Fibre system with a lightweight sole.
• Miami – for the sophisticated office worker who goes for premium calf leather and who likes the look of antique brushed leather. It also has the ECCO Comfort Fibre System for sufficient circulation.
Men can also select from outdoor and golf styles. For instance, the golf Classic has a heel grip made of microfibers and is designed with the ECCO sandwich combination of Cambrelle, ECCO CFS and an EVA shell. It also has a GORE-TEX® membrane and is waterproof.

A woman looking for a pair of ECCO casual shoes can choose from the Identity Sandal (an open toe sandal with microfibers and breathable leather lining), or the Retro Sneaker style (for a hardwearing but lightweight feel, this shoe was also designed with the ECCO Comfort Fibre System) and breathable lining that absorbs moisture.

Shoe styles for women looking for casual wear will also enjoy the Rock. The Rock is a favorite of many. It grips easily into any kind of surface for added security, and was developed with the Receptor® technology that provides above-average performance and stability. The upper part of the Rock style features the Nubuck component for that athletic yet feminine look. Other casual styles for women include the Exercise Walker, the Travelite, and Vision, to name a few.

As far as kids’ styles go, the variety of ECCO shoes will delight parents with active children. Boys, for instance, will like the Python Sandal, it has Nubuck and textile components that make it extremely soft and comfortable. It has a microfiber-covered EVA footbed that will not scratch or cause friction, no matter how rugged your boy is. Other styles for boys are the Bumerang (if you’re looking for performance with multi color rubber outsoles), the William Sandal (described as durable and practical, it has a thermoplastic rubber sole) or the K-Cross (made with GORE-TEX®).

Young girls will love the unique and dainty GSI or the Girls Summerday (vintage leather and metallic leather uppers). Other styles include the Victoria line and the K-Cross styles.

What are Your Feet Up to?

To decide which ECCO shoe style is right for you, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. What are my feet are up to, what exactly do they want to do, how can I make them feel better? Your answer’s to these questions should determine how to use the selection chart for the most appropriate style. If you are looking for casual footwear, ECCO should have a generous array of styles for you to choose from. You can narrow your choices by choosing the color or colors (there are about 15), and then you can decide whether you want boots, shoes or sandals.

Many ECCO shoes were designed for people with normal to sensitive feet. If your feet are extra sensitive, you will probably want to go with better quality materials like leather or maybe deerskin. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, you might want to go for a breathable lining so your shoe can absorb some of the moisture. You also might want to choose a style that allows plenty of air circulation inside the shoe. In the spring and summer seasons, the open toe sandal styles of ECCO ensure not only comfort but also performance.

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Model Color Style
Model Color Style
Model Color Style

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