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Mock Neck Sleeveless

Mock Neck Sleeveless

Knitwear: No Longer Oap’s Fashion

Author: Adam Singleton

Cardigans are no longer associated with cups of tea on rainy days; nor are they old, musty-smelling woolly numbers dotted with moth-eaten holes, or something you would only find in your grandfather’s wardrobe. In fact, they have reached star status in time for the autumn and have been gracing catwalks and stages all over the globe.

Positives of the cardigan comeback are that they are comfortable, easy to wear and easily integrate into an established wardrobe. There are several styles out this season to choose from: the classic v-neck cardigan has returned and can be found in a lot of different prints and styles. It’s best to avoid the louder, more complicated patterns as this is a layering item and too much busyness is not a good thing. Also, the knit and type of fabric used is an essential consideration; clean looks can be achieved from polyester, cotton and cashmere which will make the resulting product thin and clingier. Chunkier knits are made from wool and cotton and will accomplish a look that is both comforting and touchable.

Other cardigan styles to consider are the sleeveless vest which in recent days has lost its preppy stamp, and the zip-up styles that reach the neck and can take on the mock turtleneck effect.

The right cardigan can look great on any body type as long as you know what to look for. If your physique is athletic and you don’t need to add any more bulk to your build, stay away from the thicker, chunkier knits; look for thinner knits that will show off your shape. .Sleeveless knit vests are worth considering as well and if you’re a bit on the short side; a zip-up cardigan is a good choice which will lengthen your frame and make you appear taller. If what you need is more bulk, go for the chunky knit varieties.

Whatever you are looking for, finding just the right piece is easy as menswear stores will be picking up lots of new knitwear lines for the autumn season. And don’t forget about other items of men’s knitwear such as scarves and hooded jumpers, perfect for when the cold weather comes.

About the Author:

Adam Singleton is an online freelance journalist from Scotland. His hobbies include travelling and hiking.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Knitwear: No Longer Oap’s Fashion

Mock Neck Sleeveless

Mock Neck Sleeveless