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Made Italy

About Italy Newsblog: the Italian Blog… About Italy

Author: About Italy

About Italy NewBlog collects several stories, news, suggestions, events related to Italy, and furthermore.

Actually, apart from this blog, About Italy is a non-profit sites’ network which is constantly growing. Among them you can find: About Florence, About MIlan, About Mugello, About Rome, About Siena, About Turin, and many others are coming.

The main purpose of this “NewsBlog” is the creation of a place where to collect all the news about Italy by taking them from the net, from real life and from this same sites’ network. You will find here photo and videos, events news, historic tips, and much more about Italy. The authors of this new experiment make us know that NewsBlog is still growing: “Be prepared for graphic and structural changes. We were so impatient to start this new project…during the time we are going to adjust things that don’t work”.

The authors, volunteers bloggers dislocated all around Italy, also invite users to send personal comments and suggestions, and assure that “they will be well appreciated and taken into consideration”.

You just have to follow the development of this project, to read, as they promised, always new and interesting posts!

About the Author:

About Italy NewBlog wants to be a new way of reading and finding news, suggestions, tips, events and much more About Italy. About Italy is a non-commerical webiste and the idea of this NewsBlog is to create a place were collect all the news about Italy, from the net and from our website’s network.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – About Italy Newsblog: the Italian Blog… About Italy

Made Italy
Made Italy
Made Italy

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