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Lycra Dri Fit

The 411 On Bummis Products

Author: Duncan Gelby

Bummis makes great cloth diapers covers to suit all your baby’s needs. They have a wide variety of styles and prints, sure to please even the pickiest parents! Here are some of the great products made by Bummis.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

This great diaper cover features Aplix closings, which is similar to Velcro. This ensures that you get a super adjustable diaper cover to fit your baby perfectly. They have non binding elastic around the legs and the waist to be sure that none of the messes leak through. It also features polyester knit bindings to ensure comfort. The Super Whisper Wrap is able to stand up to industrial washing and drying, so you can be sure that these diaper covers will last you a long time. You can use this cover with prefolds, fitted, or snap diapers. You don’t have to change this each time. If it is damp, simply line dry it. If it is soiled, though, be sure you wash it.

Bummis Super Snap Diaper Cover

These are very similar to the Super Whisper Wrap, but instead of the Aplix closing, they have durable plastic snaps. Many parents prefer snaps because they do not snag in the wash and they tend to last longer. The drawback is that they are not as adjustable as Aplix. They can be washed and dried at normal temperatures, and used with all cloth diapers.

Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover

The Super Brite Diaper Cover comes in fun prints, and has an Aplix closing for a great fit. They have gusseted leg openings with lycra to fit even the smaller legs and to keep messes in. This is not a bulky diaper cover. It is only one layer of polyester and has a laminated inside. This means that all you have to do is wipe it down and you are good to go!

Polar Bummis

Polar Bummis are the ultimate in luxurious diaper covers. These are made from super soft fleece inside and out with a layer of laminate in between to stop wetness. The special fleece will not pil and is guaranteed for up to 100 washings! This material is very breathable and lightweight, so it doesn’t get too hot, even in the summer. This is nice, trim diaper cover that works with any type of cloth diaper.


The Swimmi is a perfect cloth swim diaper. It works great so that there are no leaks or messes in the pool. It has a mesh layer on the inside so it is easy to clean out the solids, and a coated nylon layer as well to keep it from leaking. There are great prints that are suitable for a boy or girl and has those great adjustable Aplix closings.

Training Pants

Bummis makes the perfect training pant. They are waterproof on the outside to stop leaks, but the terry cloth inside lets your child know when he is wet. This makes for faster potty training. The elastic waist make them easy to pull on and off just like real underwear.

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makes wonderful products for your child’s
cloth diaper
and potty training needs. These are high quality, earth friendly products that are good for your baby and easy for you to use.

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Lycra Dri Fit

Lycra Dri Fit