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Looking for Good Tennis Attire?

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Modern Tennis Apparel Fuses Function and Style

In the early days of tennis, players in white tennis apparel dominated the courts. At that time, most athletes wore white, full-length tennis clothes at the expense of comfort and ease of movement. But the days of modest tennis whites are all gone, as they’re replaced by modern tennis attire in bolder styles and a wide range of bright colors and prints.

These days, tennis champs like Roger Federer and the Williams sisters look sporty and cool in their fashionable tennis clothes. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the world’s well-known tennis players followed suit. Aside from style, today’s tennis clothes also carry functional qualities for better performance and comfort on the tennis court.

The difference between tennis clothes of today and of the past lies in the kind of fabric used in making them. Modern apparel for tennis players are made of performance fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and spandex. Performance fabrics are far better than cotton, which used to be the commonly used clothing textile for tennis. Cotton naturally absorbs moisture, so if you perspire a lot while playing, your tennis clothes will feel heavy since they are drenched in sweat. Unlike cotton, performance fabrics are breathable—meaning it can keep a player dry and cool despite prolonged sun exposure.

With regard to fashion, performance fabrics outperform cotton. For example, some polyester fabrics come in various colors and knits. Today’s fabrics for tennis clothes retain their color and shape way better than cotton. So you can still look great even after an exhausting tennis match. Because performance fabrics are also durable, you can expect your tennis clothes to last for a long time and your sporty look to remain the same in the future. Clothes in bright colors are the trend in tennis fashion nowadays, though the traditional tennis whites are still not out of the game.

Are you in need of a good tennis attire? While looking great is an important goal when shopping for tennis clothes, there are other factors you have to consider. The right tennis attire should be functional and conforming to the traditions of tennis.

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