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Lightweight Open Hem

Lightweight Open Hem

Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs Compact Design for Eldely Users

Author: Simon Hemmings

Lightweight wheelchairs typically weigh less than 30 lbs and when flat packed they can be small. If you travel to the doctors or maybe shopping or maybe just going on holiday then these wheelchairs are great as can fold to a very small size. Lightweight wheelchairs are designed for safety and durability and are technically more advanced.

Features of a typical lightweight folding wheelchairs

The make up of the lightweight folding chair is they are made up of a steel frame which weighs around 13lbs and has nicely padded upholstery throughout. The arm rests that are padded too fold down to the seat level before folding the wheelchair. Other types of lightweight wheelchairs are the same but a rigid frame version where the weight is its advantage and is sturdier..

Lightweight wheelchairs are designed for Elderly users

The design and use of the lightweight folding wheelchair is more for elderly use who require the lightweight and ease to fold design. The wheelchair is not actually designed for the user to fold but rather the helper who follows.

A big disadvantage of lightweight folding wheelchairs is there lack of flexibility to be costumed to the users need and size, as they need to fold they have little adjustment so not to affect the folding movement. Compared to rigid wheelchairs that don’t need to fold and hence can be adjusted to suit the person’s needs.

As the wheelchair is fixed typically they are very uncomfortable and are only good for short trips and not day trips. But as they are lightweight and portable they are still a popular type of wheelchair.

Maintenance and Care of lightweight folding wheelchair

Typically these types of wheelchairs will require more maintenance and care than others as they have many folding points and are not as strong as other types. The frames are typically weak and they will easily bend and become difficult to fold up in future.

Maintenance is important and if your chair is not used much it should be stored in the house as if it gets wet over a long run it will become rusty which will cause issues when folding in future. Last thing you want is when you need your wheelchair is its rusty and will not open or close.

With lightweight folding wheelchairs it is possible for users who don’t normally use wheelchairs to use them for small durations as part of their daily lives.

About the Author:

Debbie Normski has been working with wheelchairs for 12 years and you can visit her site at used wheelchair vans which include information on used wheelchairs ramps.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs Compact Design for Eldely Users

Lightweight Open Hem

Lightweight Open Hem