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Leather Nwt

Leather Nwt
Jehovah’s Witnesses, could you tell me something about the 1984 NWT please?

My question is in regards to the edition, model, or version (not sure what this is called) of the Bible. On page 4 where all the copyright and publishing info is, down on the bottom just below the total of all copies printed it says:

New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures
English (DLbi25-E)

That code in the paranthesis is what I am interested in. Is (DLbi25-E) the same as (bi25-e)?

Also, how many other ones are there and what do these letters and numbers represent? I have a red leather bound that has (bi12-E). I got the (DLbi25-E) from someone that has a black leather bound but I haven’t seen it so I don’t know if this is a different size or what? Is the latter the pocket NWT that I have heard about but yet to have seen? I have heard about the pocket version from several people and that it does not contain references in the middle like the one I currently have.
Abernathy~ Thanks, now I’m a little more informed at least. I didn’t notice that the font has been changed so now I want to take a closer look at it. I had a softcover but recently gave it to someone. I will have to see about getting another one. I could use another Bible anyway, the one I have now is getting worked over pretty good but still holding up quite well for the most part. The one I got was vandelized before I got it but complete.
It was given to him in that same condition that he gave it to me in. The gold lining is completely gone. It looks like it was once soaked in water, lots of dog eared pages, in the back it has seperated from the spine between pages 1606 and 1607, and I can’t read anything from 1651and on because that has all become one thick page now, probably the water damage. However, it was my first NWT so I still use it all the time but once I start publishing soon I will want a cleaner looking one.
So it would seem that the two in question may be different sizes, one being a Deluxe.
Part of my details disappeared…lol. “Him” is in reference to my friend that gave me the Bible I was referring to.
ray_clrk~ Thank you for the insight. However I’m still left wondering what DLbi25-E, really just the “25” part of it now.

Abernathy’s correct.
Here’s what your’re looking for when ordering.

NWT soft cover= bi12
NWT soft cover (pocket)black=bi25-b
NWT soft cover (pocket) maroon=bi25-m
NWT deluxe black(leather/pleather)= DLbi12-b or maroon DLbi-12-m
NWT reference large brown=Rbi8

EDIT: Im sorry i went back & re edited my info. the bi 25 is the small pocket edition the bi12 is the regular/standard size edition
the #’s have changed, so what you will receive is the: ((((leathery/pleather type pocket bible (small).))))

So yes its the same size bible just a different type cover. the new ones are bi25e as in english which is a paper back
the DLbi25e is the english leather type back. hth.

they dont make the leather style any more only the new soft paper cover in the pocket version how ever i do have an older maroon leather pocket also

Leather Nwt
Leather Nwt
Leather Nwt

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