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Leather Like Purse

Leather Like Purse

The Vuitton Speedy Purse is a Fashion Icon

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The chic Speedy Bags of Louis Vuitton are provided in a variety of sizes including 25, 30, 35, and 40.  Since its conception in 1896, Louis Vutton’s trademark has been praised for the flexible and highly resilient material used; the Monogram Canvas that is.

Because it is waterproof and resists scratches, this material is sturdy enough for a busy lifestyle but still has an air of sophistication.  A terrific example of this is the hand-held Damier Canvas Speedy 25, which is a combination of beautiful design and durability.

It also offers rounded leather straps and a canvas interior lining.  This beautiful handbag is not complete without the golden brass pieces.  Its practicality is ensured by the zip closure and an inside pocket.

That is not all! It comes with a padlock and sizes 35 and 40 are easily available.  The Damier Azur Speedy 30 is the smaller version of the keep all travel bag.  This tote has a textile lining and supple leather trim that lends to its sensuous appeal.

The Monogram Lin Cotton Speedy 30 features a more delicate design and is available the colors dune or ebene.  It is trimmed with grained calf leather which complements the linen canvas textile lining extremely well.

Epi leather variations of the Speedy 25 and Speedy 30 are embellished with the LV initials delicately carved onto its surface.  The textile lining which is cleverly contrived provides a feminine touch to the final product.

Another variation is the Speedy 30.

Marc Jacobs has designed a variation of the Speedy 30 in Monogram Denim which comprises of a patchwork involving 10 pieces.  The lining is a Liberty Pepper cotton and the natural cowhide trim make this bag rugged but beautiful.

The Speedy 30 is decorated with lingerie lace in Monogram Dentelle canvas. The delicate lurex thread embroidery adds an artistic flare.

Takashi Murakami designed a more contemporary Monogram Multicolor canvas Speedy 30.  Four golden brass corners help to preserve its base and the outside pocket is secured by an S-lock.

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Leather Like Purse
Leather Like Purse
Leather Like Purse

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