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Leather Bag Purse
How do you clean cat pee out of a leather bag?

A while ago, my roommate’s dumb cat pissed on my g/f’s leather purse, and wasn’t sure how to get it out. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


If the urine didn’t leave a watermark on the leather then Nature’s Miracle should work.
It is available at Petsmart. Make sure you follow the direction. You should still doe a test on the bag to see if it changes colour or leave a watermark.

To do the test put some Nature’s Miracle, about the size of a quarter on the back edge of the bag and wipe it with a white towel and let it dry on it’s own.

If you get colour transfer onto the towel it is not safe to clean.
If there is no change in colour and no watermark then it is safe to clean or spot clean.
If there is a watermark but no colour change it is safe to clean only thing is you will need to clean the whole thing. (to stop watermarks) you can not spot clean

The main reason that it fails is that people just sprays it on and wipe it up and not let it soak in. Just reminder that the urine treatment product needs to go where the urine went for it to work properly.
In my experience, Nature’s Miracle is your best bet. Good luck!

From a carpet cleaner for 14 years

Leather Bag Purse
Leather Bag Purse
Leather Bag Purse

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