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Latest Tennis Outfit Styles

woman tennis Latest Styles Tennis Apparels For Women

Tennis Apparels is one of the primary concerns of lady tennis players over their practice. They believe that uncomfortable and ugly style will affect their overall hitting the ball performance. This article will help all the lady tennis players to have an idea in investing their unique styles of clothing for a winning experience with suggested retail price for every brand. Although there are lots of trademarks available in the market but I only chooses some of my best selection. Beginning with the complete dress design:

Let’s start with Reebok products: (1) KFS Dress 1 Fall 2008; (2) KFS Dress 2 Fall 2008 both $30 each; (3) Vision Laser Cut Dress Spring 2009 for only $60.95; and (4) Solunar Long Bra Top Summer 2009 for $40.95

Now, let’s glance with the Nike dresses: (1) Athlete Dress Fall 2008-289601 for only $45; (2) Dri-FIT Athlete Dress Summer 2009-337583 for only $95; (3) US Open Night Dress Fall 2008-289596 for only $50; (4) Women’s Day Dress Spring 2009-327012 for only $63; (5) US Open Day Dress Fall 2008-289597 for only $45; (6) Team Power Dress-243428 for only $60; (7) Dri-FIT Athlete Top Summer 2009-345214 for only $50; (8) Classic Tank Two Summer 2009-337588 for only $55; (9) Print Mesh Long Sport Top Summer 2009-329194 for only $45; and (10) Sportswear T-shirt Summer 2009-322258 for $35;

Take a look with Lacoste apparels: (1) Tennis Dress Spring 2009-EF2019-51-JLK for only $145; and (2) Sleeveless Polo Spring 2009-PF6479-51 for $68;

A forehand hit with Fila women’s shirts: (1) Collezione Dress Fall 2008-TW083026-100 for only $30; (2) Center Court Dress Fall 2008-TW083010-620 for only $39.95; (3) Baseline Dress Spring 2009-TW091040 for only $47.95; and (4) Center Court Dress Spring 2009-TW091089 for only $52.95

Now, sweet spot hit for Adidas products: (1) Adilibria Dress Spring 2009-E15800 for only $48; (2) 3-Stripe RB Tank Spring 2009 for $35.95; (3) Response Court Top Spring 2009 for $25;

Tailing the Tail materials: (1) Tropical Infusion Colorblock Tank Summer 2009-TK2058-001; (2) Tropical Infusion Cap Sleeve Top Summer 2009-TK2057-001; and (3) Tropical Infusion Tank Summer 2009-TK2061-001 all of them are $44.95 only.

Now, let’s proceed with some of most selected women’s short in managing their freedom of movement such as the following: (1) Under Armour Womens Attack Short Spring 2009-1001368 for only $24.99; (2) Fila Womens Heritage Skirt Fall 2008-TW083028 for only $22; (3) Reebok Womens Vision Entwined Skirt Summer 2009 for only $40.95; (4) Fila Womens Center Court Skirt Spring 2009-TW091029 for only $36.95; (5) Lacoste Womens Drawstring Fleece Tennis Skirt Spring 2009-JF1871-51 for only $75; (6) Reebok Womens Play Dry Tennis Skirt Summer 2009 for $32.95; (7) Lacoste Womens Jersey Sport Tipped Tennis Skirt Spring 2009-JF2017-51-76P for only $65; (8) Adidas Womens Seamless Short for $35.95; (9) Adidas Womens Princess Short Spring 2009 for only $21.95; (10) Nike Womens Print Border Skirt Fall 2008-276766 for only $25; (11) Nike Womens More Power Knit Short Summer 2009-327044 for only $45; (12) Nike Womens Border Skirt Summer 2009-327034 for only $50; (13) Tail Classic Skirt X46-235 for only $34.95; and (14) Lily Tennis Classic Longer Length A-Line Skirt-6942 for only $19.

Whatever your preferred style and budget, it also depends upon your constant practice in preparation to beat your opponent as your selected Tennis Apparels will help you find the way for easy access freedom of movement and keeping you cool against sweat.
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