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No.1 Coach New Tattoo Extra Large Tote

Author: Tommy Martin

Coach, the brand screaming conservation and refinement, now adeptly woos their younger clientele. Mr. Krakoff once said Coach was about being young in spirit. Now it is not only young in spirit, but also young in silhouette. Look no further than Coach New Tattoo Extra Large Tote.

Coach is classic since it is established in 1941. However, classic can spell passé if not reinvented in a contemporary contest, which is precisely what Reed Krakoff, President and Executive Creative Director, aims to do with Tattoo.

For a more casual look, the Tattoo collection tries had to capture street chic but does not quite fit the bill. Inspired by the iconic horse and carriage logo, the Tattoo tote is Coach’s version of a Mary Poppins bag. Unless you are lugging around your entire wardrobe, the New Tattoo Extra Large Tote is a more edgy, stylish, and manageable option.

At my first glance at Coach New Tattoo Extra Large Tote, I was appealed by its palette. Transparent PVC exudes its pureness and adorableness. Colorful tattoo shows logo and creativity. On the top of the tattoo design is a winged horse pulling a carriage and driver. The middle of the design has a shop-board sign that reads Coach Leather ware with roses and vines all around. The bottom is a creep masquerade-type mask skeleton tooth. From a distance look, the tattoo is so sweet. But upon closer look, it is a little scared. That is what Coach wants to express, so impressive, hard to forget.

Coach New Tattoo Extra Large Tote reveals some welcome surprise. High quality, durability, and affordability are enhanced with more edgy creative direction. “You are going to be seeing Coach in a different type of place and with different types of people.” Reed Krakoff is right. To hold its high-end luxury brand in economic crisis, Coach must have more and more surprising and stunning bags.

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Large Tote
Large Tote
Large Tote

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