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Lance Armstrong Fit

Lance Armstrong Fit
Why is Lance Armstrong America’s darling and Barry Bonds America’s whipping boy?

Could it be that Armstrong is white? Is it that he fits perfectly for the freedom fries crowd? (“Take that Frenchy” Middle-America said as they became temp fans of a sport they could care less about). Is it that Armstrong is working his s-kicking persona to perfection? He’s even from Texas (and he learned quickly that he served a place for the isolationist right as their anti-international, international sports hero, returning triumphant to the states having endured France for “us”). The cancer martyrdom obviously helped (and the five billion championships didn’t hurt either, but Bonds has had his share of success don’t you know). Somehow I think most people would have difficulty hiding their joy if Barry’s nuts were stricken with the big C.

I think it’s very clear that most Barry-haters are Lance supporters, and I think it reveals the truth about America’s resentment of Bonds success.

It isn’t because he cheated (only ‘tards don’t realize that half of baseball is juiced).
Drug abuse is equally prevalent in each athlete’s sport, but because cycling actually tries to catch more dopers, they do (still, a significant number of MLB sacrificial lambs have gone down, most recently Neifi Perez who didn’t happen to be in the middle of anybody’s lineup; meanwhile cycling busted the leader of its premier event).

Rumors have dogged both athletes, strong cases have been made against both, but NEITHER, have had irrefutable evidence levied against them. So I ask, racist, xenophobic America, why are two similar athlete’s such different kinds of poster boys?

I think it has more to do with the fact that by the time I heard anyone accuse Lance Armstrong of using steroids, he was already beloved by most Americans, and his denial is a lot more convincing than Bonds, plus when you look at him he doesn’t look, physically, like he’s been taking a lot of steroids.

Bonds on the other hand was already somewhat disliked before any accusations ever surfaced, his denial is ludicrous since he testified in court that he took the cream and the clear, but he just didn’t know what they were. I find that hard to believe just because when you make your living off of your body you had better know what you’re putting into it. Also when you put an old picture of Bonds next to a recent picture of Bonds. You hear comments like: “Oh my god what happened to his head”. In those pictures it looks like he has literally doubled in size, and all of it in his mid to late 30’s. I’m not saying Lance is innocent and I’m not saying Barry is guilty, but Lance is likeable personality who had to overcome life threatening obstacles, can believably deny using steroids, and you don’t doubt his denial when you look at his physique. Bonds was a person that people either didn’t care about or didn’t like then he admitted to unknowingly using steroids, and anyone can tell by looking at him that he used a lot of steroids.

Lance Armstrong Fit

Lance Armstrong Fit

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