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Whether you are an adult or a teen, you may enjoy seeing how your Christian faith grows (and falters) over the years. Consider keeping a journal of your faith journey. It’s simple. Any notebook will do. You can use a nice store-bought journal, a cheap notebook, or make your own.

Look for sites with writing prompts. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

I am a Christian because …

My faith is strongest when …

I wonder why God …

Set aside a part of your journal for drawing or pasting in pictures that are meaningful to your faith.

Write a description of yourself today. Each month or six months do a new “sketch.” See how you change over time. Include which church you belong to, how you volunteer at your church, which Bible studies you attend, etc.

Do a book review occasionally. Try reviewing any book that impacts your faith or perspective on God. Or try doing a modern book review on one book of the Bible.

Record your favorite or most meaningful Bible verses and songs in your journal.

Devote some pages as Thankfulness Pages. These are pages where you just make lists of anything, big or little for which you are thankful.

Prayer requests and answers are vital to your journal. You may want to have a separate journal for this.

List all your requests and leave room to note what God’s response was. Refer to this part of your journal every day, as you pray for your requests.

Need more ideas for your journal? Think creatively. Add whatever you would like.

Visit Stephenie’s site http://faith-filled.com/Faith-filled_Journal.html for more writing prompts for your faith journal.

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