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Ice Skating Twirling

Ice Skating Twirling
ice skating?

it sounds completely stupid, but i’d love to learn to figure-skate and jump and twirl and do lifts.

okay, now that i’ve officially made myself sound like an idiot, here it is. i am 16 now, with little instruction that would help with ice-skating/agility (i took gymnastics for a few years) but i’d love to learn. my question: is it too late?

i’m thin and in pretty good shape, yes, but not very graceful, and not very flexible. i do just fine, but you won’t see me putting my foot over my head any time soon.

still, i’d love to skate. not just around in a circle, but actually learn the art of figure-skating. anyone in the same boat? any idea where i might start off?

serious answers only, please. thank you! =)
thank you to everyone so far…here’s for the record:

yes, i’d really, really like to make it one of my main focuses.

and i do roller-blade and ice-skate, though not as much as i used to.
flychicc420 (and everyone else): sorry if i didn’t specify, which i sometimes forget that i should, but i am a guy. =) no worries though–and honest mistake.

Most ice skating rinks have figure skating lessons. I would visit the web page of your local (indoor for year round ice) rink and check it out. Then sign yourself up. Flexibility can be improved, but you’ll need a place to practice every day. Eventually you could sign up for competitions etc. It can get expensive, but if it’s really what you want to do….

Ice Skating Twirling

Ice Skating Twirling

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