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How to Stop Procrastinating

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So you have recognized that you have a problem, finally. Procrastination has taken over your life, and you want it back. As difficult and impossible as it may seem, it is achievable. Approach a counselor or a therapist for help, and don’t forget that the best person to help you is yourself.

First, you need to identify the cause of your procrastination. Is there a reason why you are not turning in your assignments on time? Or perhaps there is a reason why you are always late for work, and your projects are always not as good as they could have been? More often than not, people procrastinate not because they are lazy, but because of some other reasons. For example, a student could be afraid to work hard because they failed an assignment they slogged a month for. This could lead to the fear that they are simply not good enough, and they reason that if they don’t put in the effort, they will not find out if they are dumb. Similarly you could be dreading work due to emotions of anger. Perhaps your previous project was well done, but your manager stole the credit for it completely. This could lead to feelings of resentment and unwillingness to put in your best effort.

Once you have identified the reasons behind your bad habit, you have to confront these fears before you can overcome them. Speaking to a counsellor or a therapist can help you to uncover the underlying reasons for your procrastination, and help you to improve your self confidence. They can also provide you with the best suited method or possible pitfalls you may face to help you overcome procrastination and get on with your life.

Secondly, you need to take action. It is not enough to recognize you have a problem, and identify what it is. Now that you know, you have to take steps. If you find yourself often forgetting appointments and deadlines, get a notebook or a diary and jot down all the important dates and tasks as they take place everyday. Make this a permanent habit, and ensure that you check it everyday to ensure that you are well on schedule to completing your work in time.

Do not give in to the temptation to place the responsibility on the diary or planner. It is there to help you remember, it is not a cure all. In other words, owning a diary is not going to help you suddenly remember or complete your task. The onus is on you. Avoid buying multiple notebooks or planners, as this will cause you unnecessary confusion. It is also a good excuse to “forget” because you looked in the wrong planner.

There are many reasons why people start to procrastinate, and once you have identified the cause, you should work with your counsellor to draw up a reasonable plan to overcome your problem. If your issue is with poor time management, learn to plan your day realistically to complete tasks. If on the other hand you issue is with prioritization, or the lack thereof, that is not going to help you. You will need to segregate your tasks based on their level of importance and do what is important first.

Be realistic with your expectations and your solutions, and persevere! Just like habit takes time to build up, it also takes time to overcome.

Greg Frost adopts a can-do attitude to everything in life and is the founder of http://www.Stop-Procrastination.org which provides a lot of information on how you can increase your productivity and stop procrastination. Allowing you to achieve the dreams and goals that you always wanted.

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Diary Planner
Diary Planner
Diary Planner

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