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Hobo Satchel

Hobo Satchel
what is the difference between a tote, clutch, hobo, and satchel?

And can you name some other styles too?Its for a report on fashion accesiries that i have to make.

tote: double handle, worn on the shoulders, can be either a large, medium or small in size,
example: http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/daily-3/cabinet/herve/hrc925n.jpg

clutch: to be carried by the hand or tucked under the shoulder; no shoulder strap usually (some come with a detachable shoulder strap as an option or a wristlet loop at the end of the bag…not all designers offer that)

hobo: worn on the shoulder, shape of bag is normally large and slouchy, single shoulder strap

satchel: hand carry only bag (some come with a detachable shoulder strap as an option which makes this a convertible bag), comes in a variety of shape but rectangular shape (east west) is the most popular
example: http://www.geekhandbags.com/wp-content/gallery/315/versace-leather-doctor-satchel-bag.jpg
side note: in certain areas of the world (mostly in Europe), ‘satchel’ can also mean a messenger style bag (cross body bag. example:http://modculture.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/mulberry_satchel.jpg)

Hobo Satchel
Hobo Satchel
Hobo Satchel

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