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Hello Kitty Pink

The Phenomenon That is Hello Kitty

Author: Kim Trude

When the Japanese company created Hello Kitty and then products like the Hello Kitty luggage, they would not have known the impact their creation would have on the world and millions of people as the cartoon character swept the world off its feet. Not only have children fallen under her spell, but the cute cat figure even has adults who are fanatical over her every move. Products bearing her logo are often quickly swept off the shelves in many countries, and over three decades later, Hello Kitty is still revered and continues to have a strong following in many countries across the different regions, not just in her country of birth in Japan.

Those who have not developed any interest in Hello Kitty are always puzzled as to why the seemingly non-talking cat would have so many fans which differ in nationalities and cultures, but who are all single-minded in their pursuit for the many Hello Kitty collectibles and fashion items from the company that created her, Sanrio, such as the Hello Kitty purse. Essentially covered in her trademark pink accessories and garments, Hello Kitty has even had her own cartoon series produced in different languages. These shows have served to increase her fan base and add to her mystique, and till this day, there are still people who are looking for videos and DVDs of the cartoons.

When a Hello Kitty product is released in Asian countries such as her home country Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, there will be massively long queues which would form days before the official release dates. Fans will gather to patiently anticipate the start of the sale of each product, and there have even been occasions when overwrought emotions have led to crowd trouble and unrest. Some fans have even traded blows in their race for limited supplies of Hello Kitty products. This has contributed to the Hello Kitty phenomenon that continues to engulf people in many countries and cannot be explained logically, baffling social observers worldwide.

Part of the appeal of Hello Kitty can be easily explained in her signature cuteness that appeals not only to children of all ages, as well as most women who have naturally had a fondness for such characteristics. The sweet colors that the cartoon cat is often dressed in are also attractive points that convey a pleasant disposition and friendliness that act as subliminal agents of attraction. It is no wonder that fans have continued to love Hello Kitty, and will always be fervent supporters of every development and product that she is associated with. The wide range of products includes Hello Kitty luggage, handbags, lunch boxes and many more. These products often come in limited edition quantities, and collectors have also paid incredibly high prices for them.

The Hello Kitty phenomenon has grown from strength to strength over the years, and will remain strong as long as there are children in our world. With the virtues the character also portrays in her cartoon series, such as friendliness and kindness, there should be no reason to worry about it. These virtues can only promote the same in children, and it is certainly a facet of Hello Kitty that should be praised generously.

About the Author:

Kim Trude is an avid collector of anime and Hello Kitty products, such as Hello Kitty luggage and Hello Kitty clothing. She shares her collectibles with her children and family.

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Hello Kitty Pink
Hello Kitty Pink
Hello Kitty Pink

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