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Have You Tried Escada?

Why Everyone Loves Escada Fragrances
Escada¬† fragrances began in 1990 when husband and wife tandem Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley decided to expand their luxury niche. Since Escada is one of the leading companies in high-end fashion clothing and accessories, it didn’t take long before they were also able to mark their spot in the fragrance market. Escada fragrances is elegance, indulgence and sensuality all rolled into one.

Escada Signature

Escada Signature was launched in 1990 and became an instant hit. It is a light floral fruity perfume that has become unfazed even with the rise of new perfume brands in the market. Escada Signature has a very womanly scent that lasts even for 24 hours. It has an interesting blend of jasmine, musk, amber, orange blossom, patchouli, cucumber, magnolia, lemon, peony, Bergamot and a touch of vanilla. This fragrance is great for evening wear but subtle enough to be worn during the day, too.

Escada Moon Sparkle

The summer fragrance suits sporty and energetic women to a T.¬† The sweetness of strawberry mixed with citrus cocktail and crisp apple makes for a very refreshing overtone. Middle notes like freesia, sweet pea and fresh jasmine produce an exciting yet delicate addition to this fragrance. By putting raspberry to its base tones which are musk, amber and sandalwood makes Escada Moon Sparkle shine above the rest. It’s a sensual perfume perfect for any woman on a hot summer day.

Pacific Paradise

The scent of tropical bliss is embedded in Pacific Paradise. It’s a very sweet concoction of lime, dried apple, coconut, Physalis, sugar candy, banana, salt blossom, sandalwood, musk and amber. It is rich, and deliciously pleasant. The scent stays with you for a long time, so whether you’re at work or at play, you can be sure it won’t fade away. A great pick for fun-loving, free-spirited women.

Rockin’ Rio

Seductive would best describe the scent of Escada Rockin’ Rio. This fruity, floral and citrusy infusion makes for a very nice perfume. Fragrance notes include pi?olada, sugarcane, driftwood, tangerine, coconut, papaya, peach, amber and musk. It’s great for daytime wear, making you feel fresh and **** all day long.

Escada Magnetism for Men

A scent that emanates power and confidence, Escada Magnetism for Men is so captivating that it can turn heads anywhere you go. Its overtones is a mix of spices, such as pepper and saffron, leather and woods while its undertones are balm, amber and musk. This unique blend makes Escada Magnetism ideal for energetic and independent men who long for a powerful yet rejuvenating scent.

People love Escada fragrances because of their sweet and attractive scents. It makes the wearer feel sensual yet soft. These fragrances definitely don’t disappoint. If you’ve ever tried one, you’d know why.

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