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Handbag Hobo Purse

Handbag Hobo Purse

Coach Handbags and Purses for All the World’s Great Women

Author: Marie Elaine

If shoes are women’s best friend, a Coach handbag is her most trusted chaperon. It’s easy to see. Who goes with her to all weddings, banquets, soirees, and all other fabulous get-togethers over the years? It’s her Coach handbag, and she gets to bring along all important knick knacks and personal effects she needs to freshen up, feel confident, and walk in a crowd like a star in a night.

Nothing can be more fitting to her stellar look than the luxurious and trendy Coach handbag, as they come in various colors and styles from small hobos, carry alls, totes, clutch bags, to shoulder bags that are all made of 100% genuine leather. The world-renowned Coach handbag has created a name for itself since 1941 for its quality and style that doesn’t go stale with time.

A Coach handbag is fit for all occasions and any type of personality. It’s been a trademark for elegance, luxury, and quality that lasts for decades now. Whether a woman prances as a career-driven go-getter, an elegant first lady of the house, or even the everyday woman-of-the-house type, there’s always a Coach handbag to accompany her and make sure it’s the be-all of her womanly needs.

There’s a special throne for a Coach purse in the bag kingdom though for being extra handy and more appealing to any woman who likes to stroll around with few things to carry and still look fab and sleek. I’m talking about a modern woman who needs no fuss and looks excellent sporting matte makeup, sheer lip gloss, and a ponytail. Hey, wait, don’t get me wrong there’s a Coach purse to go along with a woman who reads gossip and fashion mags too. You see, a Coach purse can be made in satin or alligator skin. Good thing is, she can have all of them and use each kind that suiting for the occasion. A Coach purse wouldn’t cost any woman a year long’s supply of Estee Lauder makeup so she can still manage to go pretty and hip while sporting that chic Coach look.

Though most Coach women enter the designer bag arena, making themselves in the league of Eva Longoria and Rebecca Romijn, many of them can still enjoy the elegant and classy look of a new line of Coach purse like Francine that comes with eye-popping slight shimmer to its metallic felt. Its bowler shape can be a great pair to casual jeans-and-tank top look or a Bohemian get-up. For women who are sticklers to a particular design, they can easily find a handbag set with both a Coach purse and tote bag to complete what could be a magnificent vanity kit for all times.


About the Author:

Mary Elaine is a New York-based fashion magazine columnist who’s known in the fashion circle for her brand loyalty and strong no-fuss, no-frills stance on latest trends. She owns a wide collection of Coach items, including some limited-edition rare finds, which she placed in her own private showroom.

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Handbag Hobo Purse
Handbag Hobo Purse
Handbag Hobo Purse

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