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Second-Hand Car Shoppers urged to check for cut ‘n’ Shut Vehicles

Author: Rochelle Martinez

Many motorists are turning to their local classifieds or the internet in search of a used car that will be cheaper to run than a newer vehicle. As the cost of living increases, you may be looking to cut your outgoings such as your car insurance through buying a second hand car.

As your policy is dependent on many factors, including the age of your motor, you can make savings on your insurance if you buy an older, rather than newer, model. This is because your premium takes into account the cost of repairs to your car should you make a claim, and older vehicles will need cheaper parts than the latest motors.

However, while you shop around to find the best bargain you are warned by car industry experts HPI to watch out for cut ‘n’ shut cars, which are illegal. These kinds of cars are actually made from the remainder of vehicles that have been damaged in collisions. Welders choose the undamaged parts of cars and fuse them together making a new vehicle, which is often advertised at a very affordable price.

Nick Lindsay, director of the HPI, explained that the practice is becoming more common as insurance companies increasingly write-off more vehicles for scrap. Welders gain access to these car parts in order to fuse them and illegally sell them to unsuspecting members of the public.

Mr. Lindsay slammed the practice, commenting that it poses potentially-fatal dangers to drivers.

“It may sound unbelievable, but many cut ‘n’ shuts created by skilled welders and mechanics would not be detected by most car buyers.

“Being cautious could save you from ending up with a death-trap. Whilst people can be taken in by shiny paint work and a low ticket price, it is important to remain aware of the possible dangers.”

To make sure you do not accidentally buy a car that is a cut ‘n’ shut, the body issued guidelines which can help to keep you safe.  In order to lookout for illegal welding, it is best to view your potential new vehicle in well-lit surroundings as this may highlight drastic work carried out to the car’s exterior.

If you are satisfied that the car is not a cut ‘n’ shut vehicle, it is worth examining the area below the motor’s backseats to check the interior bears no sign of welding. Further advice includes matching the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) in your vehicle – these are located in the boot, driver’s foot well or door and the engine compartment.

About the Author:

Martinez, Freelance Web Content Article Writer for three years. Some of her articles are about car insurance.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Second-Hand Car Shoppers urged to check for cut ‘n’ Shut Vehicles

Hand Carry Shopper
Hand Carry Shopper
Hand Carry Shopper