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Golf Tops Shirts

Golf Attire – Tips About Proper Golf Attire

Author: Pius Victor Ephenus

Almost all sports require the participants to wear certain clothes and in this golf is no different. To be sure you do not fall foul of these restrictions you will need to get the best type of clothing from a specialist store. Golf courses differ in many areas including their accepted dress code so make sure you are aware of this before you begin as it will help you enjoy the experience more. Some golf course will actually stop a player from enjoying a round of golf if he is considered inappropriately attired. This can be highly frustrating and leave you quite upset at the end of the day if you are stopped from playing golf simply because of a misunderstanding on appropriate clothing.

Several things about men and boys are unwelcome on the golf course. Men (and boys) are not permitted to wear shirts without collars or sleeves at any time. Another area that is a no-no is the use of running pants and shoes that have metal studs. Many people have fallen foul of the offensive clothing rule where the have an item of clothing that has an obnoxious or offensive logo on it. Additionally wearing jeans or sandals are not allowed, even for women.

The most proper men’s attire on the golf course happens to be collared shirts, the right pair of pants or shorts and golf or athletic shoes. A pair of golf shoes when worn must only have the soft spike type and not metal owing to the lawn damage that is caused by them. Your shirts can either have long or short sleeves and there is no problem with turtlenecks or pullover sweaters. The trend in wearing trainer socks has not be taken up by the golfing fraternity so socks should be of regular length and preferably plain.

For women playing golf, fitting shirts and skirts and even Capri’s are allowed. Generally, women are barred from wearing pants of any type including jeans shorts. The length of the skirt or short is important for women and they have to ensure that it is not more than 5 inches above the knee. However each golf course is guided by its own specific rules and guidelines in the matter. Women would also need to wear collared shirts unless they are sporting a pull over with a V-style neck.

Women golfers are allowed sleeveless shorts with collars or shirts with either long or short sleeves. Their socks must be ankle length with proper golf shoes (or sports) and if they wish a hat or visor if they prefer. Socks ought to be solid colored and should not have any objectionable logos or designs on them. Not to bring the club into disrepute and to be fair, the same rules apply to any guest you may take along for a round. If you are unsure about your clubs rules on dress, give them a quick call or check out their website before you go.

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Golf Tops Shirts

Golf Tops Shirts

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