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Golf Shorts Size

Golf Shorts Size

All Golf Players Must be Fitted for Golf Clubs

Author: Richard Porter

It is well know that a set of pro golf clubs off the shelf usually will never be a perfect fit for you? The golf clubs off the shelf are created for the average size person. Everyone of us are a different size and shape no two players have the exact same swing, so how is it possible one golf club size fit all!

If the clubs that you now own are a bit too long or just a little too short, then you are more than likely going to have problems. To find the perfect clubs for you, you will want to swing a few different length clubs. You will want clubs that are about the same distance from your belly button to the floor. Try out several different golf clubs at as many golf courses and driving ranges as you like. So this way you will find the right clubs that suit you!

If your renting golf clubs its a great way to try out a wide variety of them. Test them for a several months to ensure that you like them enough to make a purchase. Play a few rounds of golf with them until you find the right ones for your unique body, swing, and game.

Once you have tried out several different sets of clubs and you know for sure that you like the game, then it is time to be professionally fitted for your clubs by a PGA professional at your golf course or golf range. There is no need to do this until you can consistently repeat a swing. If you find that you cannot hit that well, then you do not need to be fitted for the expensive clubs yet!

A golf professional is always your best resource to find the best golf clubs for you. Everyone is built different and some clubs just will not feel right no matter what you do. This does not mean that you won’t be able to play golf and need to quit playing. If you buy professionally custom fit pro clubs, then your golf game will be more consistent and accurate.

The first thing the professional will do is have you hit a few balls. Hit the ball normally and try to loosen up. The swing speed will be recorded to help your professional determine the correct shaft flex.

Most professional fitters will also determine the most comfortable length of club for you. They will even look at your hands to see if you need special grips. You may need longer or shorter clubs.

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Golf Shorts Size

Golf Shorts Size