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Golf Long Shirt

Golf Long Shirt

Branding for Golf Tournaments

Author: Frank Tecca

When on a golf course or watching a golf tournament one might notice many branded products. Imprinted golf towels, shirts, visors, caps and golf bags are some of the more popular promotional items seen at golf tournaments. The main point to consider when branding for a golf tournament is that the brand should always yield to the game. Golf tournament sponsors can imprint their name and logo on many of the branded products in a way that still appears classy.

When making a check list of promotional items for a golf tournament do not forget the basic products. Golf tees, ball markers, divot repair tools and of course imprinted golf balls. People generally expect to receive these items at a golf tournament. However, avoid purchasing the cheapest imprinted golf balls, tee packs and ball markers because they are not likely to give you an exceptional promotion. The more imprinted golf items you distribute does not necessarily mean your brand will receive more coverage. Actually, offering low quality promotional items can be a big mistake. You do not want your potential customers to perceive your promotion as being cheap. If you offer people low quality items, they are more likely to think that your service is less professional. Therefore, use quality promotional items to promote your corporate image at every golf tournament.

In addition to the basic golf promotional item, a tournament sponsor should provide golfers with new items they do not normally receive at golf tournaments. Although the basic products are a necessity at a golf tournament, sponsors need to go beyond the traditional golf items. For example, imprinted duffel bags, clothing bags and luggage make great prizes at golf tournaments. Sponsors do not want to move away from the traditional imprinted golf products however, add a non golf promotional product will have a positive impact on the golfers at tournament.

Staff volunteers are as important and golf tournaments as the golfers. Providing the volunteers with useful promotional items benefits the people helping at the tournament as well as the sponsors. Items such as imprinted golf umbrellas, embroidered golf shirts, golf jackets, visors and caps will be appreciated by volunteer staff. Imprinted golf umbrellas make great advertising vehicles for the sponsors and protect the staff and volunteers from the sun and/or rain. People will most likely wear the golf apparel long after the tournament, thus displaying the corporate logo often. Remember to thank the staff volunteers; they will appreciate the gifts and sponsors will appreciate the branding of their logos.

As the popularity of golf in the corporate world increases, the number of golf-related promotional products available increases as well. When planning your next golf tournament do not forget the traditional golf items like apparel, caps, towels, repair tools and logo golf balls. In addition, consider the importance of giving “non golf,“ merchandise such as duffel bags, clothing bags and luggage Most importantly, give something unique and different. Your tournament sponsors and all participants deserve the best.

About the Author:

Frank Tecca has been helping businesses build brand awareness through promotional products for over six years. Frank is the ecommerce manager at Logo Expressions, Inc., one of the fastest growing promotional products companies in the United States.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com – Branding for Golf Tournaments

Golf Long Shirt

Golf Long Shirt

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