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Golf Fit Dry

Golf Fit Dry

Fitness and Health Tips For Golfers

Author: Joe Kensingtons

When you think of golf you think it as a game of leisure and played for relaxation. When you watch the professionals play it looks so easy but when you start playing the game for your self you realize the importance of fitness and health for golfers.

To play golf effectively you need to understand the mechanics of the game, you need to concentrate on the game. You also need to have strength, stamina and balance so that you can play your game better. In order to achieve these important factors fitness and health for golfers become very significant.

To improve fitness and health for golfers there is a need to pay attention to what they eat and what kind of exercise routine they undertake. To improve the overall fitness and health, nutrition and exercises are the most significant aspects that need to be looked into.

The common ailments faced by the golfers are back pain, joint pain. These ailments are the result of poor fitness and health for golfers. In order to avoid these disorders they need to take some preventive measures.

Exercise is critical:

Regular exercises such as swimming, sprinting or running should be done to improve the strength in the lower body and hips. You should always remember to do stretching exercises before the start any sort of strenuous work out. These stretches should again be repeated after you finish the work out. This will prevent any injuries. Always start slowly at the beginning otherwise you will hurt yourself while doing your exercises.

To avoid back pain abdominal muscles have to be strengthened. Doing sets of crunches and sit ups will help strengthen the abdominal strength. Riding a stationary bike will improve the strength of the legs.

Regular exercises will help the fitness and health for the golfer. A lot of improvement can be seen and the body will be so flexible due to regular exercise. In order to stay healthy the golfer needs to pay attention to his food intake as well. It is advisable to increase the metabolism by eating 5 to 6 meals a day. They should eat foods which release energy slowly.

Eat the right kinds of foods:

If they eat a bar of chocolate then they will find a surge in blood sugar and feel fine for sometime but half way through the game they will start feeling lethargic and tired. Instead of that they can opt for brown rice, lean meat such as fish, or whole wheat pasta and a couple of portions of vegetables. This will keep their energy levels up till they finish the game. Sometimes the game takes time to finish so they tend to skip a meal. Instead they could pack a snack of dry fruits or a banana in their golf bag which will help them finish the game without starving.

Doing regular exercises and having right kind of nutrition is the key factors in fitness and health for a golfer. It will not only improve the game but will help them handle stress better while playing the game. Eating right and regular work out helps the golfers immune system to stay fit.

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Golf Fit Dry

Golf Fit Dry