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Givenchy: Fragrance Divine

Top Twelve Great Fragrances By Givenchy
Givenchy has carved its name as one of the greatest fragrances in the world. It has what it takes to make topnotch fragrances that seem to be unsurpassable despite the growing number of competitors today. Givenchy has a diverse fragrance collection. They vary from intriguing to revealing, energetic to sensual. After more than 50 years in the industry, these perfumes have continued to evolve to meet the needs of society today.

Buying perfumes can become extravagant and wasteful if you buy out of impulsiveness and rash decisions. Many people buy perfumes and end up putting them away because they realize too late that the scent is not for them. Since Givenchy perfumes are not exactly cheap, you should take a minute or two to find out which scent you really want.


A mild fragrance with a floral-oriental scent, Amarige is a favorite choice for women. It is luscious with mandarin, amber and musk, a classic fragrance that seems to last forever.

Ange ou D?n

A heavenly perfume that’s both angelic and ****. An alluring scent that is delicate to the touch. Ange ou D?n was introduced in 2006 for women who want to maintain a level of mystery. The combination of ylang-ylang, fleur de lis, orchids, mandarine, thyme and vanilla makes this scent truly, heaven-sent.

Eau Torride

A beautiful scent made from a combination of jasmine, citrus and sandalwood. Crisp and rejuvenating, Eau Torride is a concert of Jasmine, Citrus and Sandalwood, Eau Torride is made for women who have exquisite and wild taste.

Hot Couture

The perfume was created in 2000 and contains an interesting mix of black pepper, sandalwood, magnolia, and raspberry.


A passionate and womanly scent, it boasts of affluence and success. An ethereal blend of jasmine, gardenia and vanilla it is perfect for the goddess that is hidden in every woman.

Very Irresistible

A radiant scent that is truly feminine, Very Irresistible is made of Centifolia, Peony, Star Anise, and Patchouli for a vibrant effect. This scent is exactly what a carefree and independent woman needs.


Ysatis is a true classic with a compelling mix of exotic and mellow scents. It is a charming perfume with tangerine, patchouli and jasmine, perfect for women who long for sensuality and harmony.


This is a seductive and classy perfume that exudes refinement and style. Its notes are patchouli, sandalwood, rose, musk and leather, giving it an easy yet powerful scent.

Pour Homme

The fragrance was introduced in 2002 to symbolize the man of today. It is made of mandarin, violet, fruits and spices which make it completely masculine.

Very Irresistible for Men

For the sporty and energetic man, Very Irresistible for Men is certainly the answer. A blend of mint, grapefruit, wood and cedar, this fragrance would last long and is great to wear for work or play.


Launched in 1986, Xeryus is a blend of lavender, grapefruit, orange, jasmine, ylang-ylang and numerous flowers and fruits. This is the perfume for men who desire sophistication and power.

Xeryus Rouge

The summer fragrance for men, this is a blend of sunshine and
moonlight. Notes of cumquat and red chilli pepper, this fragrance is spicy and playful. It is the perfect scent for every youthful man.

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