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Fold Over Yoga

Fold Over Yoga

Yoga Bags: Main Characteristics and Significance

Author: Rajneesh Dubey

Yoga is the ancient Hindu tradition of practicing different physical and mental exercises to keep human body sound and healthy. Yoga involves various breathing exercises (pranayaam) and different body postures called aasanas. To practice yoga when we take so much care in selection of yoga mats, than there must be similar cautious approach in selection of yoga bags too. Yoga bags are very helpful in packing essential yoga accessories like yoga mats, props, cushions and yoga clothing. Principally, yoga bags are used to accommodate mats. Yoga mats remain protected, clean and unruffled when they are inside a yoga bag.

Yoga bags are unlike general bags that we use while traveling or doing other activities, but they are specifically manufactured for the purpose of keeping yoga mats and other items. They must be made of the material that doesn’t hamper the texture or the surface of inner articles. Cotton, nylon, silk and linen are the fabrics that are predominantly used in manufacturing of yoga bags. Efforts are on to make bags in eco-friendly plant fibers so that harmony of the environment is kept undiminished.

The size of the yoga bags is an important feature to be addressed. They are sometimes made in size that can accommodate two mats or more. Depending upon the folding size of the mat – rolled over or parallely folded- yoga bag is chosen. A yoga bag has to be equipped with well stitched shoulder straps so that the bag can be comfortably carried to the desired place. Straps should be attached to the bag firmly so that it can bear the weight of the things kept in the bag. These bags must have a quality zipper to hold the things tightly. In most of the bags we find side pockets also where we can keep some valuable things. Side pockets can also have zippers.

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Fold Over Yoga

Fold Over Yoga

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