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Flap Bag

No.1 Chanel Reinterpretation of the Classic Flap Bag in Two Tone Lambskin

Author: Tommy Martin

I am loving the Chanel handbags all the time, whether it is the classic flap bag or the chanel 2.55 or the bag embossed with camellia details. The bag is graceful and practical, intellectual Chanel style. The bag I am going to introduce toady is a representation of the classic flap bag made by two tone lambskin. This medium bag is a great way to get the black/white 1980s graphic trend while staying classic.
This bag is made of supple top quality lambskin and soft fabric lining. It is carried with double straps made from silver chain interlaced with white leather. With a size of 10? x 6? x 2.5?, the bag has one inside zipper pocket and one cell phone pockets for your convenience. In all, this bag assumes a different take on the classic flap. Black and white are the most timeless color matching. It was the most popular color in the fashion kingdom and still is and will always be.

Fashion is like fashion being. It needs not to be very eye-catching, but eye-pleasing and functional is essential, otherwise it will pass away as soon as possible. The black and white color setting can not only reminds you of the pure old good day, but also indicates the natural and peaceful future. Another unique factor about this bag is the shape. It is long rectangular, different from all previous Chanel handbags. It seems like a relatively larger bag, but actually it is definitely not as large as you suppose. Unlike the conventional square like Chanel bag such as the Chanel Grand shopping tote, the Petite shopping tote and the Chanel Portobello tote, its shape will bring you a sense of slim and slender. With the white on the top and the black on the bottom, the bag won’t be stained easily. You of course deserve the companionship of this classic Chanel bag.

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Flap Bag
Flap Bag
Flap Bag

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