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Fitness Workout Womens

Fitness Workout Womens
Poll: What should i teach in my womens fitness class? (Ten points.) ?

I’m a personal trainer, and i have been for more than 5 years but that was all individual training. I’m teaching a womens fitness class starting next month, and i already have most of the class designed but i wanted to hear from some women and do a quick survey

1. What’s your biggest health concern?
2. What part of your body do you stress yourself over the most?
3. What are your favorite and least favorite ways to get exercise?

And if you could just name some things that you would love to be taught in a fitness class, that would be great

By the way, the class is for ages 16 and up, but if you’re younger you can still answer.

Here are the topics i’m already covering

1. Weight loss and cellulite reduction
2. How to target specific body parts
3. How to get motivation to exercise and eat healthy
4. How to design your own workout/diet schedule
5. Meditation and mind over body techniques
6. Preparing yourself to run a marathon

1. Being overweight.
2. Probably stomach and legs.
3. Running is the worst, dancing is a lot of fun.
There’s a women’s fitness class at my school; they did belly dancing and everyone seemed to love it. A dance class or yoga would probably also be fun.

Fitness Workout Womens

Fitness Workout Womens

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